'Masato' for iOS, Android and windows

A game full of action, adventure and puzzle where Masato needs to protect his village from one of the most powerful rogue ninja he as ever faced

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The game is about a brave ninja who returns to his village to find out that it is totally destroyed by one of the most powerful rouge ninja. Our ninja, Masato starts a quest in order to find the rogue ninja and bringing him down to justice. The game intends to be packed with action and puzzle in every stage as the story progresses. At the same time it also promises to deliver an adventure filled saga.

Game features:

  • Game play:
  • Apart from interactive gameplay filled with action scenes, players should be prepared to get hooked solving some tricky puzzles in every stage. It's a story based game where players get to fight against various creatures while trying to reach the rogue ninja who destroyed his village.

  • Game modes:
  • Players will be able to play the game in Easy, Difficult and IMPOSSIBLE!! mode. Challenge your game playing skills.

  • Weapons:
  • The game is based on throwing shurikens at the enemies, but how about we add some bonus hi-tech weapons to make it a bit more interesting. These are optional features we intend to add to add a bit of different angle to the game.

Some important links where updates can be tracked:

Official site:



Google +:



What is going to happen in next few months:

Our graphic designer will be super busy with his creative artwork and developers will be busy writing some awesome code and marketing the game at the same time. They will also maintain a development diary where topics on game development using cocos2d-x framework and their journey and experience on promoting their game will be covered. Indie developers out there can use these as lesson learned.

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Masato: Progress so far….

Hey all, thought we'd update you on our progress so far. There has been a lot happening and boy have we been busy.


As you are all probably already aware marketing plays a significant role in why a lot of indie games succeed or fail. You may have a great game, but if no one knows about it, then nobody is going to download it or play it. So over the last few weeks we have been working on our marketing strategy and decided to ramp up the marketing alongside the development to try and build up an audience and reach out to as many people as we can before the game is launched.
Key starting points we focused our marketing on:

  • Website - Brand and game presence.
  • Developer Blog - an ongoing developer blog for discussions and updates.
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, g+ - connect and keep people updated.
  • Connecting with the developer and indie game communities, staying active in relevant forums etc.
MVC stats

Marketing is always a challenge and there is no quick and easy way to drive traffic to your website or to make people aware of your existence.

There is a lot to learn and every time we try out a new strategy we yield different results. Through our blog posts we have been testing the waters on what topics will generate the most interest in the community for people to visit our site and inturn awareness for our game.

As developers we are always reading technical articles to find better ways to do things. It’s a good way to learn. So last week during a coding discussion, a good subject came up about game scalability and management. What design patterns we can use with the cocos2d-x framework? We did a bit of research but couldn't find too many articles on the subject, so thought it would be a great chance for us to publish an article on "Implementing MVC design pattern for the cocos2d-x framework", in hopes that it might be beneficial to other coders out there. After publishing this article it was featured on the Facebook page of cocos2d-x, and the results were amazing. We will definitely be posting more technical articles and sharing things we learn along the way, what better audience to engage for our game than fellow indie game developers who are always keen to support and each other.

Stay tuned for further updates on how our marketing progresses and as our game develops.

Stage/Level Menu

We wanted to design a menu that would be interactive and feel like it was a part of the story rather than another static UI that would just take you to the next level. During one of our brainstorming sessions there was a light bulb moment and an idea surfaced that we thought would not only visually follow Masatos journey but also function as a way the player could unlock stages and key points of interests along the way.

Initial stage menu concept:

Masato Menu Sample

Main Villain

Developing our main villain for the game was a lot of fun. We wanted this villainous character to be mysterious, ruthless and give off a sinister vibe that would send chills down your spine. We let our graphic designer Eldridge let loose a little on this guy keeping within the manga theme of course. Here are a few of the initial concepts we have been working on.

We will keep everyone updated as we make progress. Please feel free to leave us some comments and thanks for reading.

Using delegate controls in cocos2d-x

Using delegate controls in cocos2d-x

Design/Concepts Tutorial

In my previous article “Implementing MVC pattern for cocos2d-x projects” I had mentioned about a “Model” sending messages back to the “Controller”...

Implementing MVC framework for cocos2d-x projects

Implementing MVC framework for cocos2d-x projects

Design/Concepts Tutorial 3 comments

To understand this article a working knowledge of the cocos2d-x framework is required. As mentioned in my earlier post "Road to cobagames part 2", I came...

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I am definitely going to track this.

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Not making that mistake again.

Currently, this game so far entirely has my attention because of the artwork. Looking forward to more Gameplay!

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cobagames Creator
cobagames - - 35 comments

Thanks, we will try not to disappoint you :)

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