io games are basically battle royales, without any queueing or matchmaking. 24h matches.
Servers automatically start new matches when 10 players are reached, and auto-balances.

You play for points, points make you GROW, you loose it all when dying. Best player is King.
Best performing King gets a chance to enter the leaderboards.

MAD KING is an advanced io game using class-based characters, laser-cut into 40 blocks, representing your health and armor. Blocks are lost when damaged and can be collected.

Blocks make you grow bigger, stronger, heal you and most importantly; they give you points.

Machines enter a casual arena brawler, using guns, bombs, lasers and melee combo combat.
Everything is physics-based using fast paced agile double-jump movement.

Matches are open 24/7; drop-in and out as you like, up to 10 players per match.


  • 24 hour running matches. Ends daily in 24 hour loops. Globally. Anyone can join and leave whenever they wish.

  • The King. When playing, you will see a leaderboard showing the players positions. Points are collected constantly, therefore the number 1 position is changing rapidly. Number is automatically King, receives a Crown, and special King abilities will unlock over time.

  • Map rotation. Several maps are in rotation when a new match begins. Different styles and intensity.

  • Characters are made of blocks, which represent your health and can be collected for growing, repairing, as well as collecting points.

  • Daily and All Time leaderboards. Daily winner is rewarded with a special King weapon the next day. A Trophy weapon.

  • Parkour agile double jump movement allowing freedom in movement and combat.

  • Pickups, weapons and specials, are completely RNG, you do not know what you get.

  • Powerups are not RNG, you can see what you will get.

  • 3 different classes with different speed, stats and abilities.

  • Combo combat, projectiles, aoe and lasers.
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Try Mad Machines for FREE this weekend!

Full Version
Mad Machines will be free to try from today until Sunday, December 22nd, at 10 AM PST.

You can download the full version right here.

Free Weekend news

50% Discount
We are so excited for Mad Machines, that we’re inviting you to play for free this weekend, and we are also offering a 50% discount during the Steam Winter Sale. So please go nuts!

The Gameplay
Mad Machines is all about making yourself as big and powerful as possible. Matches never end, and death is only a pit stop as you start all over again, instantly. No queuing, no matchmaking, no waiting.

Characters are made of blocks, and blocks represent player-health. When a player is damaged their blocks fall off and turn into food for growing, repairing, and earning points.

Use different tools to rip your enemies to valuable juicy pieces for you to eat and grow. Melee, shoot, snipe, explode, or rack up a beautiful combo to take down your enemies.

Each match has a maximum of ten players, and a new match will automatically start once a lobby is full. There’s no painful server selection or long queue times because you are always one click away from playing. Whether you’re in the arena for five minutes or five hours, there will always be a place to play and players to demolish.

Once you get good you have a chance to enter the daily and all-time leaderboards.

Map Rotation
The team has just finished work on our 3rd map, which will enter the active map rotation soon. Focusing on verticality this go around, we intended to design a map placing a large emphasis on jetpack play. Every time a new match begins, the server will randomly choose a map from our active pool, with all maps weighted equally.

To ensure everyone has opponents during the free weekend we have decided to add bots to fill in. These bots are still very early prototypes, and are a work in progress. However, they’re still a blast to beat up and shut down.

We are getting a lot of great questions and suggestions from players, and those have led to some great ideas for the future of Mad Machines. Take a look at what we have in store for the future below.

  1. Custom games + more game modes
  2. Expanded leaderboards
  3. Enhanced King Commands feature
  4. More weapons and powerups
  5. Unlockable content through achievements:

- More characters

- More weapons

- More skins

- Emotes

  1. More maps

8. More regions

If you like the game and want to see more from the roadmap above, please consider supporting us by buying the game.

- Team Mad Machines

The Future of Mad Machines

The Future of Mad Machines


After months, maybe even years, of toying around with a 100% fighting game mode, it’s finally ready. Mad King, an all new game mode, is coming to you...

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