Wave Survival Military Game, You Are Sergeant John Kozack Part of Incursion Military Service With Specialist Sebastian McGregor Surviving Multiple Enemy Guerilla Warfare Against Global Terrorism Confederation Infantry, Your Goal Is To Survive 28 Waves Then Evacuate The Location, Theres Multiple Modern Weapons To Choose From ( Ak-47, Colt M16, ACR, M1 Garand, Steyr AUG, SVD Dragunov, AS-VAL, VSS-Vintorez, UMP, Kriss-Vector, FN-P90, Makarov, M1911, Skorpion, USP45, Ballistic Knife) Attachments (Red-dot, Holographic Sight, ACOG Sight, 15x Rifle Scope, Fore Grip, QuickDrawGrip, Extended Mag, Drum Mag) Skills ( 2x Faster Healing, High jump, Longer sprint, faster sprint recovery, increased damage, perfected mastered recoil control and dodging... You Can Buy Molotovs, German hand grenades And Deploy Bouncing Bettys, Call-In Airsupport Missile Strikes, Napalm Strikes And Call-In Care Packages...

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Cybernetic titan free download version is now available for download, download and play and make suggestions for new guns, maps and gamemodes... free version includes ads, locked guns, attachments and skills, paid version will be uploaded soon, which will come will all those things available and no ads...

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Lucky Tlhalerwa's Cybernetic Titan (DEMO)

Lucky Tlhalerwa's Cybernetic Titan (DEMO)

Full Version

Cybernetic titan is an enemy waves survival game, your in a restricted map, you start off on round 1 with a pistol you have to find and kill all enemies...

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