Grow dynasties of medieval families and see them evolve and interact as you build their homes, farms and workshops and assign them different tasks, duties and taxes.

Lords and Villeins is a very lighthearted, approachable, yet complex city-building strategy simulation of medieval society where you shape the dynasty of the ruling family. In this game, you don't manage the daily life of every villager; instead, you deal with whole families and their descendants.

In Lords and Villeins, you claim your title as Lord or Lady, ready to build a thriving township by managing and influencing peasant and noble families. You will tend to the needs of your villagers by building homes, farms and workshops and managing tasks, duties and taxes of families in the hopes of creating a flourishing town. Managing the economy, expanding production chains and influencing the daily lives of villagers allows you to craft a unique story of your own settlement.

At the heart of its design is an emotional journey - seeing your villagers grow, evolve, create relationships, go through struggles and challenges to shape their lives and stories in interesting ways.

  • Unique family-management mechanic where you assign plots of land to autonomous families and manage taxation policies, production priorities and logistics.
  • In-depth simulation of personal ownership and a market economy. Villagers manage storefronts to sell surplus goods and purchase food and material from others in a cooperative chain of production. Prices of goods fluctuate based on supply and demand and trading caravans facilitate import and export.
  • Fully simulated procedurally generated environment with a complex AI that can develop relationships, satisfy their needs, daily routines and personal ambitions.
  • Immersive simulation of society bringing social classes, clergy, criminals, high council, politics, servants, military and more!
  • Highly customizable difficulty settings, it is completely up to you how complex or laid-back your playthrough will be!
  • Character designer lets you fully customize and name everyone in your ruling family.
  • 160+ objects at your disposal to build, decorate and improve your settlement.
  • 53 different zones and 40 professions that can be performed by the villagers.
  • 130+ resources to be used in a fully functional production chain.
  • A number of domesticated animals and pets and thriving nature with wildlife.
  • Visually distinct seasons with soundtrack of seasonal themes.
  • Fully simulated and dynamic world with changing temperature and weather effects.

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The moment you have all been waiting for is finally here! Lords and VIlleins reached the final stage of our original roadmap, and we are so excited to deliver you the v1.0!

Watch the official Full Launch Trailer here:

With this launch, Lords and Villeins will receive a hearty content update which includes:

- Assembling The High Council and holding Town Hall hearings
- New public celebration event
- New ability to perform risky tax evasions
- New Opposition Group system that can result in noble coups and peasant uprisings
- Personal spy with abilities to gather intelligence and assassinate rivals
- Gameplay modules to heavily customise game experience
- Overhauled trading system that significantly improves interaction with markets
- New underground resources with mineshafts to mine them
- Ability to manage storage priorities and new tools to optimise logistics
- Full localisation to German, French, Russian, Czech, and Simplified Chinese
- Steam Achievements
- Performance optimization and fully overhauled user interface
- Large amount of bugfixes and rebalancing of game systems

And much more! We have covered the full list of changes extensively in our previous blog posts!

- Read here to find out about high council, public hearings, and uprising events!
- Read here to learn about customizability features, templates, new trading experience, mining, and more!

This is our biggest update yet, being in the works for over 4 months, working closely with our beta testers, and over many iterations to make sure, that this update is as good as it can be. We are very excited to finally let you play it!

Announcing New Lords and Bards Bundle!
The Lords and Bards Bundle is the most convenient way to get the full Lords and Villeins game and its wonderful, relaxing soundtrack - perfect for those who wish to listen to soothing tunes inspired by the different seasons even when not ruling their medieval village! Get it now with a special discount both on the game and the soundtrack!

Screenshot 2022 11 10 192047

Join Our Community Contest To Celebrate The Release!
To celebrate the release, we are also hosting a community contest! Help us reach more audience, spread the word about the game, and get something nice in return! We are giving away Steam keys for Lords and Villeins and Lords and Villeins T-Shirts and mugs!

Join the contest here!

Thank You For Being With Us!
This update also marks the end of our early access journey. Since the Early Access Release in September 2021, we have come a long way! We improved the game, our team improved their skills as game developers, we have learned about our community and what kind of game you would like, and with each iteration, we were able to realize our vision for Lords and Villeins to be bigger, better and more polished than before.

So to all of you, who were with us during this time, thank you! Thank you for your feedback, for your support, criticism, and for enjoying our game. Thank you for sharing your reviews, for letting your friends know about our game and for just being here and being active in the community.

And big thanks to all of you who are yet to give this game a chance! We hope you will enjoy it! Remember to share your review and if you like it, tell about it to your friends! More eyes on the game will help us reach bigger audiences and supports our work and additional updates in the future!

What Is Next?
Is this the end of Lords and Villeins journey? No! We will be focused on fixing bugs and balancing issues we might have missed during our extensive beta-testing. We will also take a little bit of rest from the development - it has been very active four years of development and we need to rest too!

When we come back, we will see what lies in the future for us. We would love to continue supporting this game, bring you more content, add mod support and further improve the game in all aspects. Right now it remains to see for us, what we will be able to do, but keep in mind the full release does not signify the end. It is only there to tell you, that our original roadmap has been completed!

Now there is only one thing left to say - enjoy the new update and let us know what you think! Post comments here, in the forums, or join our Discord! We will be listening to all your feedback and do our best to improve the game beyond the 1.0!

Lords and Villeins Leaves Early Access on November 10!

Lords and Villeins Leaves Early Access on November 10!


The long awaited moment is nearly upon us. Lords and Villeins will be leaving Early Access! So mark your calendars and be prepared, [b]the game's full...

Military and Criminality update has arrived to Lords & Villeins!

Military and Criminality update has arrived to Lords & Villeins!


Behold, Lords and Ladies, The Military and Criminality update is here! Lords & Villeins will also be a part of Steam Summer Sale that starts June 23 (7PM...

A thank you to the community and an outlook for the future

A thank you to the community and an outlook for the future


A big thanks to everyone who tried the game already and provided us with feedback. There's plenty more content to come!

Lords and Villeins Content Update #1 (The World Update) is Here!

Lords and Villeins Content Update #1 (The World Update) is Here!


Lords and Villeins releases its first Early Access Content Update - The World Update, bringing many new features to the game, including several new zones...



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Dear Honestly Games
I was amazed by your latest game "Lords & Villeins" I would like to get in touch with you and your team happy to see it
wish you well

Hussain Ghonem
founder of Glowing Desert

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Looks cute.Tracking:)

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