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Synopsis :

Centuries ago, five beings rose up to overthrow a tyrannical Elder Being and seal its evil away where it could no longer influence the world around it.

As civilisation developed under the Fives rule, the world slowly forgot about the threat of the entity, and the last remnants of its empire have turned to dust.

Now, a group of cultists succeed in awakening this darkness from its slumber, drawing it back into the world in a new form.

It's gleaming smile belies its dark intentions, and the entity sets out towards the Fives stronghold, determined to reclaim its empire, and make the world that forgot its rule tremble.

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Dynamic Music System

Choreo incorporates a dynamic music system that develops the main score as you attract more followers.

At the start of each level you will only have access to a simple guitar track, giving you a basic ambient score. Each Follower you collect brings more instruments to the track, eventually giving you access to the full Theme at around the mid point of the level. The idea is that as the intensity of the level increases, so too will the music, and finding those additional instruments provides extra incentive to explore.

Composed By Richard Evans -

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Engaging 2D Platforming

Whilst our tutorial level is designed to introduce the basic flow of 2D platforming, the main level should provide a challenge to even seasoned 2D Platformers. Combining our own experiences as players with engaging genre tropes, we've aimed to create a visually impressive, enjoyable experience that will introduce you to our world, and some of the characters that inhabit it.

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Multiple Paths

There are several different routes that interlink through the main level, you'll have to explore them all to collect everything and complete your band!

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Our first project

Starting as a learning environment for two friends 5 months ago, Choreo began development as a way to learn how to create games and implement assets. As development progressed, we began to see more merit in the concept, which led us to develop the playable first level and tutorial that is now available.

We're still new to the whole development process, and are aware that Loco is far from perfect, so any feedback you can give us to help make the game better would be greatly appreciated.

If there's enough interest following our demo, we would love to move into full development and continue to expand the Choreo Universe, so let us know if this is something you would like to see.

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W/A/D or Left/Right/Up Arrow with Space as a third jump option.


Left Mouse Click

Currently only a PC build is available, we hope you enjoy it!

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Mid Week Update 13/12/2017


Hi Folks,

So it’s been a little while since we last published a Devlog, and I wanted to update you all on whats been going on at Team MegaSloth, and what’s to come down the line for Choreo!

New Beginnings:

As some of you may have read in our games description, Mega Sloth was founded as a learning environment for us to start game development when we were let go from our previous jobs. We’ve had a great few months burning out the last days of our former careers, but now that time has ended and we’ve been packing up and moving on to the next stages in our professional journeys.

This means we’ve been fairly pre-occupied finding new homes, new jobs and applying to Universities to study game development more formally, something I am pleased to announce I will be doing over the course of the next year as a Masters Degree. As a result of this upheaval, development has slowed down for the Holiday Season, but that doesn’t mean it’s stopped.

Choreo: Legend of Loco - The Full Game

Over the past few weeks we’ve begun work on the full version of Choreo. Coming off the great success we had with our first Demo, we’re taking all the knowledge, community commentary, and suggestions on how we can improve the game, and building it from scratch.

This means new character controllers, new follower functionality, improved enemy AI and a whole host of other changes that will hopefully turn Choreo from a solid prototype, into something truly unique!

One of the most requested changes was for a more fluid and responsive Wall Jumping mechanic, and so in our early controllers we’re exploring a super meat boy style system which should allow you to jump, bounce, and fly up walls with greater ease and momentum.

We’re also looking at mechanics that will be earned throughout the main campaign, things like manipulating followers for puzzles, and more dynamic movement tools. As an example, here’s our current (very early) prototype of the grappling hook!

Finally we’re taking a look at improved storytelling, cinematics, and reworking all of the current levels to add challenge, depth, and more of the gorgeous art that everyone has enjoyed so far!

As i’m sure many of you have seen, our Kickstarter went up a few weeks ago, and has been slowly ticking up! If you haven’t taken a look at it yet, head over to our page and show your support for Choreo! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell the guy you have locked in your basement, word of mouth is hugely important for it to be successful!

I hope that gives you an insight into how Choreo is developing, and assures you that no matter what, we are committed to creating a great game that embodies everything we love, and we hope you will love too.

Have an amazing Holiday Season, and we’ll see you in the new year!

Team Mega Sloth

Friday 01/12/2017 Update + Kickstarter Live!

Friday 01/12/2017 Update + Kickstarter Live!


Friday 01/12/2017 Update: Features Optimisation, New Art Assets, Terrain Smoothing.

Large Cinematic Update 17/11/2017

Large Cinematic Update 17/11/2017


Large update reworking several features that were less than satisfactory.

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Choreo: Legend Of Loco V1.2

Choreo: Legend Of Loco V1.2


V1.2 of Choreo: Legend of Loco Featuring: Optimisation Pass, Improved Terrain Colliders, Art for Herald's Rift and Splash Screen.

Choreo   Legend Of Loco

Choreo Legend Of Loco


We have a slew of new updates for you this week, including some additional level content, so lets jump right in!

Loco - a 2D Musical Platformer

Loco - a 2D Musical Platformer


Loco is a 2D Platformer set in a vibrant world with a Lovecraftian foundation. We've drawn inspiration from early Disney cartoons, Aztec and Mayan culture...

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