Lithic is a limitless sandbox MMORPG онлайн игры. Allowing the player to pursue their own gamestyle and role. It puts you at the very beginning of human history, allowing you to participate in the quest to tame the wild.
The ice age is nearing it's end and a group of hunters find themselves cut off from their tribe due to the rising water levels of the melting ice. Some stay by the shore and live of seafood, others grab their spears and face of the wild in the forest. Some build villages, others wage wars. Some are hermits, some are mercenary. Someone is about to invent the boat.
What will you do?

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Devblog 001: Starting off.


Before I start posting updates about the game, where it's going and upcoming features. I thought I'd give you some sense of where the project is today. How it got there and why.

I've choosen to do this through a video which can be found here:

The audio is a bit too low. This will be fixed for tomorrows devblog where I plan to demonstrate the fighting system.

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Aug 31 2013

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Aug 29 2013

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Aug 28 2013