Puppet Plague(PP) is a 2d MMORPG designed to be as original and innovative as possible to show that the choices for todays MMORPG features don't necessarily have to be the best ones. PP is currently under construction by the company, Polar Peers.

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Rough story and introduction.


// Introduction
* When the game starts out. It's presented as purely a single player game where you take the role of the son in a poor family during the period around the plague. Society is hit hard and it is difficult to obtain food, the son bravely decides to leave his family since the scrawny food isn't enough to feed them all. He decides to head for the city.
During his endeavourus journey to the city he will encounter the spread of the plague.
(The plague denning this game is quite different from what it was in reality.) People are affected by the plague but don't die, instead they become aggressive and lose all grip of morality.Plague victims are at this stage, outcasts from society and live as robbers in forests and secluded areas. They live off robbing and killing the unaffected and innocent.
When the main character finds his way to the nearest city(depending on where he goes, since it is an open world. There are a few cities to choose from), he wanders poor in the slums, constantly searching for food, untill an opportunity comes along and the outcome will drastically change the rest of his story.

// The two choices
* The affected: The main character binds to the king's troops. The king rules the country autocratically and his wife (the Queen) has previously contracted plague and filled with anger and shame, left the capital. The king himself is no longer able to fight against the affected when constantly reminded of how it would be like to chop to death his own wife, blinded by love he does everything in his power to affect everyone with the plague so that he can once again live with his queen without fearing for her life. (unfinished)
* The Rebels: The main character is picked up from the slums by an organized rebel force, the only people standing between the kings plan and impending doom.

//The idea behind the singleplayer mode
The singleplayer mode is designed so that the player will learn all the various skills he may need before he sets sails to the multiplayer world.

// Outcomes (Don't take effect untill multiplayer)
Joining the king's troops results in you getting banished out of the cities by the rebels, and the common people. The king will make sure you contract the disease and you'll live with the plagued surviving through robbing, sieging and killing, you will be seen as an outlaw and wont be able to visit the cities without risk of getting killed.
Joining the rebels results in defence of the unaffected, defending cities and hunting down the affected outlaws. Theyre safe among their cities and protected by the people, but run a great risk of getting killed outside of the cities and around plague camps and dens.

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