You find yourself on what appears to be a motorbike of some kind.

But this bike is different than any other you have ever seen.

It's made out of light. It's a Lightwheel.

You listen and you hear the roar of the crowds, the music starts to play.

Battle either AI Programs or human Users online or offline in a game inspired by the Lightcycle level of TRON: Legacy.

Basic game functionality is complete and a basic AI is operational and multiplayer is in development.
An achievement system is half done, as is a power-up system.
Expect videos and more content.

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Spawns are now randomly selected, and while waiting for the game to start, the camera rotates around a huge arena. The arena floor is reflective, granting it the ability to both aid and confuse you whilst cruising around the scenery. The reflections can however be turned off through the options menu in order to speed up drawing done by the GPU.

Here is a render of the arena itself:
Image Hosted by

And, this is what it looks like in-game during countdown:
Image Hosted by

As this new changes have majorly affected the way the game draws itself, the next great task is to make the surroundings more appealing in all three dimensions.

Map system

Map system


The map system has been redone, allowing for more complex maps to be made. Also, antialiasing has been added.




There is now an option to customize your wheel. Please let us know if there is a skin that you would like to add.

Tile Wars

Tile Wars


A new game mechanic "Tile Wars" is being developed. Tile Wars brings more strategy to the combat mechanics of Lightwheel. Tile Wars is currently in development...

Multiplayer, HUD and Abilities

Multiplayer, HUD and Abilities


There have been tons of improvements since the last post. For example, multiplayer is now in development and looking good. There have also been changes...

Christo_Katkos - - 115 comments

I remember an old game like this, pvp with goal to box the other one in with the light wall your bike leaves behind as you drive, even the same style.

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95jonpet Creator
95jonpet - - 1 comments

This game does feature the walls, as does other games. However, that is only one aspect of the combat mechanics. In regards to the style, the color scheme with blue lights is also fairly common as revealed by a quick search on Google. These are things that we chose to include to give the game a sort of arcade feeling all around it.

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hakaru-x - - 592 comments

nice im tracking.

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DigitalHax - - 12 comments


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Hentheden Creator
Hentheden - - 69 comments

You could say that it was "Inspired" by Tron.

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