Legendary Hunter VR is a VR duck hunting game inspired by the old classic NES game Duck Hunt.

The game is set on an enchanted and beautiful island - and you can expect to see some breathtaking moments!

Duck hunting is only the beginning of what you will need to do to survive on the island.

During the day you'll have to face vicious crow attacks, which will not only attack you - but also the bee hives around you.

And at night you'll have to survive the wolves and the crocodiles. You have been warned!

Make sure that you use your environment wisely - as what works in the day you might need it at night!

Enjoy the day / night cycles with dynamic weather that not only enhances the visual experience around you,

but also enhances the game play.

its a very relaxing game you like to play after hard work and for casual players as for hard core players you will have to survive the nights .

Key Features

  • Hunt Duck during the day time while surviving vicious crow and bee hive attacks.

  • Defend yourself from wolves and crocodiles at night .

  • Attempt to survive as many nights as you can. Your ammo is limited and you will need to fight for survival.

  • Wonderful environment.

  • Realistic gun mechanic and ammo which uses most of the Vive / Oculus controller features.

  • Dynamic weather system .

  • Experience Atmospheric surround sound like never before .

Some Gameplay from alpha release

The Game Will Be Released In Vive and Oculus .

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Legendary Hunter VR steam page is live now and the demo is available on steam platform and Itch.io



Please download the demo and give me your feedback .

For quick support , update and contact visit our fb page : Facebook.com

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