Legend of the Wargod is a dark fantasy turn-based RPG. The game's development is on-going.


Mar'owahn, the Wargod, is summoned. But, something is off... The realm he arrives at is nearing its end, yet war still rages. All he can do is push forward in order to discover his fate, his role, and to learn of the agents of the coming Calamity.

Embark on an epic journey in "Legend of the Wargod", a finely tuned turn-based RPG that places a strong emphasis on strategy and survival. Face off against a diverse array of foes, from corrupted warriors to awe-inspiring powerful wizards, as you battle evil forces threatening the realms.

Experience the world's Shattering and the Assault on Zea Q'arna Citadel!

Take control of six unique characters and explore a richly crafted world that sets the stage for the Shattering and the Assault on Zea Q'arna Citadel. With seven playable classes, ten magic schools, and over a hundred skills at your disposal, you have the freedom to create your perfect combination of abilities and approach to victory. Only by emerging triumphant in battle can you unlock the secrets behind the world's impending doom.

The Demo and Prologue offer an enticing glimpse into the Legend of the Wargod's enthralling narrative, allowing you to:

  • Engage in world exploration and meaningful interactions with its denizens.
  • Experience the prelude to an epic story that spans multiple worlds and realms.
  • Master a robust turn-based combat system, featuring class attacks, defensive skills, and diverse magic abilities.
  • Unleash the full potential of your characters through the Battle Instinct.
  • Strategically switch party members during combat with the Change mechanic, ensuring you can always adapt to any situation and gain the advantage.
  • Witness your party grow stronger as they gain experience and level up together.
  • Navigate a dynamic economy by buying, selling, and equipping your party with various weapons and gear.
  • Enhance your classes and magic schools by honing their skills in the heat of battle.
  • Save your progress and easily pick up where you left off with the convenient Load feature.

Prepare to be captivated by a world teeming with challenges, old secrets, dark rituals and unforgettable moments. Unravel the mysteries that lie ahead and rise as the legendary Wargod in this thrilling RPG adventure. The fate of the realms lies in your hands. Are you ready to claim victory?

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Hello gentlemen,

The game's development is progressing quite rapidly. And I'm proud to announce that you can now also Wishlist and play the game's demo on our favourite platform for gaming on PC - Steam!

Check it out here: Legend of the Wargod on Steam!

This is my first commercial title, and I've no presence in the gaming world whatsoever. But I'm putting all my chips into the development of this title - as I truly believe in it. I believe it will bring a lot of great, beautiful moments to the players that will stay with them for a long time and I also believe in the system that I built for it - the combat, the classes, the progression and the items.

The goal is Q3 of 2024! Stay tuned, and don't forget to Wishlist on Steam!

Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend!

Legend of the Wargod's Combat

Legend of the Wargod's Combat


Combat is a journey where strategy meets action. As long as your heroes stand with HP above zero, victory remains within reach. Embrace the challenge...

An introduction to Legend of the Wargod

An introduction to Legend of the Wargod


Legend of the Wargod! Master sword and fire, assemble your legendary team, and engage in strategic combat. Uncover deep truths and unfold the Legend!

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Legend of the Wargod - Demo 0.2

Legend of the Wargod - Demo 0.2


Experience the world's Shattering and the Assault on Zea Q'arna Citadel! With 6 characters, 7 playable classes, 10 magic schools available and over a...

Instructions Booklet

Instructions Booklet


An instructions manual for the demo of Legend of the Wargod. This booklet will help you get ready to play the Prologue - The Shattering! Assault on Zea...

Guest - - 698,965 comments

I believe this will be a truly nostalgic game.
I absolutly loved the demo!!

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