RPG stands for role playing game. Many people have tried and have created multiple great RPG titles. Here at Sypnosis Games, we have realized that and would like to contribute to the pool of great titles as well.

Legend of the Lunar Crest is a game about Blake Ainsworth, a young adult that will find out his true destiny. Armed with the Lunar Sword, a sword that changes and grows with your character as the story develops. Through out the story, you will be presented with multiple challenges, that can not only sway your choices, but can sway the game as a whole. There are multiple paths to reach the end. Which one will you choose.

Legend of the Lunar Crest will consists of multiple features allowing you control over your own story. Some of these features including an Intricate questing system, a simulated outcome for your decisions, an advanced battle system, and a full on world to explore.

The intricate questing system developed for Legend of the Lunar Crest was developed to immerse the user in making tough decisions along the way that can make or break your character. While the decisions you make may or may not reflect the final ending, they will effect the path that you take to reach it. One example of this is the side questing. If you choose not to accept a side quest when presented, there is no possible way for you to do it later. For some, this will cause turmoil when you find out that you had a chance to acquire a powerful item or an special party member.

We have also developed a system that simulates outcomes from your decisions. The reason that this feature is so special is that it is in fact not a scripted feature, but it is done with the elaborate story. There are certain parts in the story that making certain decisions can be beneficial or detrimental to the main character. You may be given the option to save a person and be showered in reward and praise form a poor village, or choose not to and be shunned by the same people.

The battle system in Legend of the Lunar Crest has multiple advanced features to it. One feature of the battle system allows you to use specialized skill sets based on certain equipment you have. Another feature includes a side view of the battle. The most important feature however, is the ability to make certain party members battle automatically. This can streamline a battle allowing you to focus more on your character.

The world in Legend of the Lunar Crest is massive. Unlike other RPG games that stick to smaller more detailed maps, we have taken a different approach; creating a hybrid of extremely large, and small maps, varying in intensity and difficulty based on your story progression. Our goal is to assist the user in not having to do extensive grinding to defeat a boss, but rather tell a story while allowing the user to encompass the scale to which we set forth.

Staff List

Sypnosis Games Board of Directors

Founder, CEO
Daryl Fladung

Co-Founder, Director of Operations
Jonathan Doss

Director of Quality Assurance

Director of Administration

Sypnosis Games Staff List

Environmental Department
Jeff McCollum - Lead Environment Designer
Guillermo Rodriguez - Environment Designer
Jason Irving - Environment Designer

Writing Department
Clayton Pettett - Writing Department Manager

Art Department
Jeffrey Acree - Art Department Manager
Joaquin Garcia - Concept Artist
Andrew Newton - Concept Artist
Adriana Pasos - Concept Artists
Albert Garcia - 3-D Artist

Music/Sound Effects
Stefan Baeder - Musician

Video Graphical Effects Editor

Testing Department
Kyle Crawford - External Testing Manager
Matt Struddles - Internal Tester

Public Relations

Creative Department
Edeinel Marrero - Creative Department Manager
Jessica Kong - Creative Consultant

Programming Department
Jacob Theil - Programming Department Manager

Special Thanks

Sypnosis Games positions Open

Are you skilled? Motivated? Hard working? Looking for excitement and adventure? Interested in working for our studio. We are continually on the lookout for new people to add to our developer team.
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Daryl Fladung Founder / CEO / Producer / Game Designer

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Alpha Build 9 Release!


Hello everyone! We are really close to releasing the Alpha Build 009! There are a lot of updates associated with release that you Alpha testers can look forward too!

Added Features:

- Health Bar with Percentage for enemy troops.
- More land and maps to explore.
- Sprites for Blake's Dad!
- A new Intro splash screen and more text.
- Added more dialogue for opening scene.
- Implemented Sigils equipment slot.
- Added detail to Cathedral Dungeon.

Removed Features:

- Removed Volume control. (Caused errors when adding maps from separate project environments.)

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed Old man event.
- Fixed Cathedral Hole in the Wall.
- Fixed climbable walls.

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