Last Mortem is an action-packed Multiplayer FPS Game in the style of 2010s browser shooters! Grab your equipment and join other online players on the battlefields or just fight with BOTs! Choose your weapons from the huge variety of armory, prepare for the battle and play like a legend! Free to play!

Battlefields of the game are set up in the Cold War and other historical or fictional worldwide conflicts. The war is led by the Blue Forces (NATO and its allies) and Red Forces (the Soviet Union, remains of the Warsaw pact and their allies). Use legendary guns, run through the detailed environments of the war zones, and prepare for the epic gameplay!


  • Online Multiplayer or offline Singleplayer gameplay
  • AI BOTs
  • Progression Level system: Unlock weapons by reaching levels
  • Store system: Buy weapons with our virtual currency - Credits
  • huge variety of weapons
  • simple controls and gameplay - just jump into the game and play
  • optimized for both weak and gaming computers

Game Modes:

  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Occupation
  • Gun Race

Weapon Classes:

  • Assault - light combat rifles popular among players
  • Support - heavy combat rifles and machine guns
  • Sniper - sniper rifles of any kind
  • Demolitions - bazookas and grenade launchers
  • Secondary - SMGs, revolvers, and pistols
  • Melee - knives, swords or any kind of hand weapons
  • Lethal - grenades, mines, claymores
  • Non-Lethal - flashbangs, smoke grenades

Weapon Categories:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Premium
  • Legendary


  • Favela - small fast-paced map located in Rio de Janeiro favela
  • Barbados - large-scaled map set up on the beach with pirate ship wrecks on Barbados island
  • Dolina - small fast-paced map located on the border of Czechoslovakia
  • Project 1143 - Aircraft carrier of the Red Forces under attack
  • SandStorm - map set up on desert of Persian Gulf

Pluses of the game:

  • frequent updates, fixes, and new content
  • new content suggested by the community
  • fast adaptation to the simple gameplay controls
  • nobody online? You can play with BOTs!
  • optimized also for weak computers

Minuses of the game:

  • this is the indie game which does not include high graphics, great animations, or triple-A design
  • Our online player base is very limited because of that we highly support our AI BOTs

Last Mortem is meant to be a kind of nostalgic Multiplayer FPS shooter that includes tons of content, frequent updates and events, and most importantly fun!

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Hello Last Mortem players!
Today, we are here with another regular update, the penultimate update of 2021.
Check out the newest update showcase video:

But before we jump into the changelog, we are announcing that the title Last Mortem has as of 12/5/2021 more than 10k registered player accounts!

We invite you to celebrate this milestone, which was one of our set goals for this game. We sent to each of you who registered until 5/12/2021 the new legendary weapon which won't be available to get in the future. The name of the weapon is symbolic - Triumph, it's a secondary revolver with great stats. Celebrate our milestone together with us by using the Triumph!

The newest patch 1.3.7 comes with various quality-of-life improvements.
- Gun Race game mode now includes 2 new possible loadouts - one with silver and gold classes of weapons and only-sniper loadout
- The gameplay now includes counting your killstreak such as double kill, triple kill, killing spree, etc.
- Sniper rifles with fullscreen scopes has now a new variety of scope styles
- We added the long-awaited Offline Mode - finally you can play the game also without an internet connection
- One of the old Alpha maps is back under the name - Tropical City. The map has been redesigned, includes better AI pathfinding, fixed colliders, and other changes
- Damage of the Helicopter killstreak was increased
- Changing the quality settings will change also the view distance of the player camera - by this step we want to save even more fps for players with weaker machines
- The patch comes also with other minor bug fixes, optimization changes, changes in gameplay, etc.

New map - Tropical

Gift gun - Triumph

Last Mortem Autumn Update and 1 Year on Steam anniversary

Last Mortem Autumn Update and 1 Year on Steam anniversary


The regular Autumn Update is here together with 1 year on Steam anniversary! Exclusive Favela Night map is back, two legendary weapons can be now picked...

Last Mortem Major Update of 2021

Last Mortem Major Update of 2021


The major Last Mortem update of this year was released! Jump to the battlefields of Last Mortem and experience the new content!

Big updates are coming to Last Mortem

Big updates are coming to Last Mortem


Big updates are coming to Last Mortem including a new leaderboard system, redesigned UI, fully expanded Store, new weapons, and numerous bug fixes!

Last Mortem Patch 1.3.4 was released!

Last Mortem Patch 1.3.4 was released!


The new Patch 1.3.4 has been released! Jump to the battlefields of Last Mortem and experience the new content! 3 new maps, 1 new killstreak, new features...

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Last Mortem Launcher

Last Mortem Launcher


Thanks to this, you won't have to download each patch manually! Working on Windows 64/32 bits. We recommend this for the slower computers and also for...

Guest - - 689,305 comments

its so sad this download dose not work eny more

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
DevJuraj Creator
DevJuraj - - 6 comments

Hello, you can download the game from Steam

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 689,305 comments

It's Really Awesome, If I Had To Pinpoint Something I Didn't Like, The Only Thing That Comes To My Mind I The Way The Ak74-U Is Aligned In The Z Axis, If You Draw A Line Following The Barrel Directions It End Aiming A Bit High, I Don't Know How Difficult Is To Change That In This Game Engine And Change It In A Patch But Overall Is Really Awesome

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
DevJuraj Creator
DevJuraj - - 6 comments

Thank you, we will fix that in the next patch!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
arthurgks - - 9 comments

Ótimo game, continue atualizando por favor!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
fox1988bs - - 57 comments

Tem alguma versão aonde posso fazer um vídeo?


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MShatter - - 33 comments

looks cool so far

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
DevJuraj Creator
DevJuraj - - 6 comments

Thank you very much!

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