Have you ever been on the verge of proportionality? This story is about a single person who was unsure of things and the physical integrity of things around him. Everyday this man went to his job and dreamed of a time in which, it seems, he didn't exist. Days dashed forward. But then one day after our protagonist took the bus to work, he got off on...a ship.

This is an indie game created by one person who is completely in love with the idea of challenging genres. An experiment that tries not to disrupt the tradition or to confuse the player but to instead argue under the framework which restricts the cultural impact on choice Attempt to transform the quest genre into a full adventure, excluding elements of discipline for mental stimulation.

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[Draw on a pupil]22;
In the first six months of 2020 I began wondering how inertia would look like in a dream.
Many who eat themselves from the inside out because of desperation would consider it a duty to curl up under the brightest sun and wait for a shadow in insane anger.
Two or three centuries ago such a conduct could be considered a temptation. I don’t know the details, but I do know that there are specific biographies describing similar symptoms.

[Past border]22;
I have admitted that KROTRUVINK development is not as fortunate as I’d like it to be.
And that’s why it was important to me to make this decision.
Social media have greatly adapted to their task of pouring out a stream of small notes and the last Zolynh post mentioned a hiatus “until the very end of October”.
Now, after three months of work I would like to put it here - “The 22nd is Serda. f0a178”:



new 5


That’s it, a sort of a choice.
I would like for it to be available before December 10th (PST) in Early Access.
At least these are plans.
In addition to the information described in the links below, there is, I feel, a need to often remind that: even though it is a small journey conceived with elements from KROTRUVINK, this experience has an absolutely new albeit slightly unfinished, space with new mechanics, new places and new rules.

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[Number and Wave]22;
Mr.Bear happens to be not just my friend but also my talisman to break the emptiness. As if from another life.
But in this development one more Heart has joined and without it this Boat couldn’t be started, the role of its beating in “...Serda...” development is fascinating:
Because no matter what we delude ourselves with, there is something that we have bonded over.
I mean right now, we can observe a sort of fatigue and willingness to be supportive for eons, even if such a recall suffocates the original source of “inspiration”. This is in quotation marks because the word ”inspiration” doesn’t have the same meaning and limits than it did for everyone 5 years ago.
To not get lost in it and to save a candle for the pioneers, we need expectations to find the Reason for everything.

new 8

[Soup wheel]22;
And yet the intermingling of needs does not teach us how to recognize confusion of thoughts in time.
November will be an intense cycle where, as I hope, even more Hearts will join for really unordinary calls…

Suitcase N6-N4-N6, Part ll: Draught Among Chess Pieces

Suitcase N6-N4-N6, Part ll: Draught Among Chess Pieces


[Variety]44; Summary for June-July is that now it’s easy for me to get the impression that numbers don’t really help people anymore.

Suitcase N6-N4-N6, Dust On A Chessboard

Suitcase N6-N4-N6, Dust On A Chessboard


[A brief clap ]13; [A tail hangs out of a playhouse]13; [It is written here: Fewer words]13; [One of her three halves is also a chess player]13;




[Don’t remove from slot]13; [Ropoolvyz]23; [The window opposite the window]31; [Always tails]4;

Suitcase K1-K3,

Suitcase K1-K3,

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[What is an understanding of carelessness]1; [Be touched]30; [Cleansing the message]16; [SUMRLIHSEP on an immovable glass]18;

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