Build up your army in the safety of your own castle.

Your private realm is your refuge, where a wealth of resources and open land await you. Construct a town hall and barracks to begin creating your villagers. Woodcutters, farmers, and miners will be essential in helping you gather enough wood, iron, and food to support your army. Here's a tip: set your woodcutters to auto-cut mode to have them cut down trees without your guidance for a while, letting you focus on more important things... Like building up your military units.

Swordsmen and archers are the backbone of your army. With the barracks, create swordsmen for melee and archers for ranged damage. Builders are able to construct archery towers, which will defend your base even while you're offline, making them a vital part of any well-built base.

Then venture out into the world to challenge other players and defend your base.

Your little corner of the world is just the beginning. Once you take your units out of your castle and into the lands beyond, it's time to expand further, protect your castle from invaders, and start conquering lands of your own.

Choose to work together...

Resources are limited, and having powerful allies is one way to ensure the safety of your base and gain access to more resources for you and your friends. In-game chat lets players collaborate and strategize in real time, allowing for intense multiplayer battles. The strongest alliances will find themselves at an advantage when it comes to claiming mine entrances, keeping weaker players away from underground tunnels and the rich iron stores found inside.

Or destroy everyone in your path.

Not a team player? Lay waste to other players' bases with your superior military might. Destroy their castles to force them to start again, letting you claim more land for yourself. Portals connect multiple maps within the game, letting you expand your territory even further, leaving destruction in your wake.

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It's been a slow week, but things have still gotten done. Plus many more things to come! I promise!

New features:

  • Blood splatters on unit death lasting 24 hours and denoting whos unit died.
    Units now take time to be made. No more pumping out armies in a matter of seconds.
  • Units can now be queued up for creation (Allowing one unit type per building at a time)
  • Buildings can now have rally points set, units will automatically walk to this point upon creation.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug caused by mines being created from the inside.
  • Fixed news sidebar formatting errors.

Hi. Do you have a facebook page for the game?

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Siedge Creator

Sorry I haven't checked indiedb in forever (My bad, I'm spending at minimum one day a week doing community management stuff so that won't happen again!) No sadly not, however we have a subreddit and a discord if either of those help! is the reddit, it has a link to the discord inside!

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oh. ok, thats cool :) i like your idea. i do something similar and would like to contact you via email.

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