An Online Multiplayer Party Game of Deception and Perception. One player searches through the crowd of computer players for the other human players hidden among them. Uses a one-of-a-kind clay art style using real sculpted models that are scanned into the game.

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Hello again!

Some quick updates this week:

We’re pretty much all set to launch in Early Alpha. I’m waiting for steam to approve the build so I don’t want to give a definite date, but the game will almost certainly come out either this week or next week! I’ll likely have a more exact date on Tuesday(and will post about it when I do) and will set up some sort of launch party thing that we can all join!! Again, I’ll give more updates soon.

The bad news is this: I’ve been having serious trouble bringing the game over to mac, specifically the integration with steam for the mac build, so for now the game will only be available on windows. Getting a mac build post-launch is my top priority, and I’m sorry, but this is an S-Tier bug we’re dealing with. I’ve been stuck on it for a while.

Anyway, as you can imagine, most of this week was just getting everything ready and stable for launch. I finally hired someone to make unique and professional sound effects and oh my god they came out so goooooood. Sound Design was always an area I didn’t do to well in and I’ve had trouble delegating things in the past so I definitely plan on hiring this guy to do more sounds in the future!

(Shoutout to: terramarstudio on Fiverr. 10/10 sound design guy)

Anyway, that’s really it for this week, nothing but tedious bug fixes in preparation for next week! I hope you can join us when it launches!

Join the Discord:

Wishlist on Steam:

Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion to the Pre-Launch Arc of Just Act Natural Dev Log!

JAN Dev Log | Ep. 2: The Fight Continues....

JAN Dev Log | Ep. 2: The Fight Continues....


Second Week of development updates for Just Act Natural. Updates on steam wishlist numbers and new game features added.

JAN Dev Log: Week of 4/23

JAN Dev Log: Week of 4/23

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Development updates for the week of Friday 4/23. Progress from the first week of marketing focus and recent additions to items and displays!

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