A mystery inside a phone - Um mistério dentro de um telemóvel

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Hello beautiful people!

This is the first post ever made about the project Jane Doe, a point-and-click narrative-driven game in 2D about a missing student and the relationships around her.


This project started in 2020 and had his first version to test and conquer the world ready in 2021. Now in 2024, we changed the team from one dev to six devs and decided to change and revamp Jane Doe.

Our new team:
•Game Designers•
Beatriz Avelino & Pedro Chitas;

Beatriz Miranda & Simão Pereira;

Paulo Semedo & Francisco Gouveia.


We grabbed the premise of the vertical slice of 2020 and debated on what would be the focus now. We concluded that we wanted to focus on the characters and the story itself to give it more depth and interest.

Our goal is to keep the point-and-click mechanics, mixing 2D and 3D art and adding the 1st person view to it.

The mechanics and gameplay will also change a bit since the 2020 VS only had one device of interaction - a phone - where you searched for clues of the mystery happening. Now the player will be able to search through a detective's desk and the victim's belongings.

Our main verbs are: Interacting, Explore, Organize, and Choose.


This was our Devlog #1. We didn’t gave much today, but news are coming every minute!

Now that you are aware of all the initial details, we hope you stay tuned and eventually join us to this intriguing adventure.

Thank you so much for reading our devlog! ♥

We hope to keep providing more content of our game soon!

See you around beautiful people!

Stay Safe!

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Jane Doe

Jane Doe


Um detetive que decide investigar o desaparecimento de uma menina através do seu telemóvel. Estão todos chocados, o que se terá passado para ninguém...

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