The ultimate trash experience has all you need! We got boobies. We got hookers. We got Zombies. We got Nazis. We got even Nazi-Zombies! Now with full feature movie "Night of the Living Dead"!

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With a boost from our latest pictures, we jumped over the somehow magic threshold of 100.000 Visits on Into the Dark. As this is almost as impressive as the warm weather here in Central Europe, we decided to celebrate outside. Ingame of course.

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100.000+ Visits!



(allright, this joke was stolen from Leningrad Cowboys. Still its good and reflects my own English skills).

We don`t know who the 100.000th visitor was. If we knew, we would invite him to closed Beta. However, the magic number was reached close after posting our latest Outdoor Pictures.
Yes, Outdoor Pictures. Portraiing Ingame scenes from "Into the Dark".

Lush, sunny, green pictures.
In our beloved Nazi.Zombie.Hooker.Adventure.Shooter.

Still they are here:

As I want to have everything very dark and grungy in my games, I am often overruled. Sometimes by my Beta testers, sometimes by my 3D guys and sometimes by my Art Director. As the Art Director is my girlfriend, too, I`m basically outgunned.
And as the first feedback here in IndieDB on the outdoor screens is also overwhelming, I´m convinced that there are worse ideas then outdoor levels.
Nuclear warfare, as example.

So, in order to acknowledge that and to say "Thank You" to all of you fellow watchers, Visitors and friends, I have put up one more Picture from there:

Now lets give a "cheers!" to our unknown 100.000th visitor, lets pull a bottle of Bavarian, Austrian or Czech Beer - any good beer will do. Americans can use Whiskey, as they have no good beer.
(Note to our U.S. friends: The yellow softdrink sold to you as "Budweiser" is not allowed to be advertised as that in EU countries. Simply because of the fact that your Bud is technically the liquid a dog urinates after drinking real CZECH Budweiser.)
and lets sing together "Where the Wild Roses grow" to the rhytm of our moving sea roses.
Wait, you can`t see them move?
Yes, right, because we only posted pictures so far.
If THEY move, you are drunk. But that`s forgiven if you were the 100.000th Visitor on


I was the 100.000th visitor


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congratulations with your 100.000 visitor, a real mile pole!!
and what a nice difference in atmosphere, those great looking outdoor scenes. they clearly show that your very high version of the FPSC is also able to make great outdoors beside scary indoors!

(and i love the budweiser joke, although many US citizens will probebly be offended, lol).

great work all together!


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IvanErtlov Author

A little story on that: In 1999 I was playing a set as DJ in a small Heavy Metal Biker Bar in Santa Cruz, was a one-time-gig I id on my US tour to raise cash (which I lost in las Vegas afterwards...).
When I saw "Budweiser" on the menu I ordered it imemdiately, totally excited and overwhelmed that my original mothers milk is being sold here. When I drank from the glass, I spit almost everything over the bar and told in a mixture of fury and dissapointement that at home in CR we don`t even **** such a bad liquid. First I thought I`d get beaten up, but in the end the bikers laughed and agreed.

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Gratulations are due for this achievement. I shall open a Czech Budwiser in your honour (and maybe send the pee to an american friend afterwards... SCNR)

To be honest: I duly lack experience in any american beer, even though I'd like to educate myself on the matter some day. But as I'm from Germany, the pressure to look for better beer isn't really high to begin with.

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IvanErtlov Author

True on that. Augustiner Edelstoff and Tegernseer is among my personal Top 10.

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