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Welcome to this Human Horizon Devlog!

The features we're going to talk about are:

  • Intro Screen and Main Menu
  • New Taking Off and Landing System
  • Asteroid Mining
  • Astronaut Upgrades and Tools

Intro Screen and Main Menu

This week we prepared our game for our first playtesting sessions, so we developed some menu screens. First of all we have the intro screen with the game logo:


In second place, we have a 3D menu where you can select between a variety planets:


We are currently planning to continue iterating so we can achieve a fluid and attractive menu screen for any space lover.

New Taking Off and Landing System

We have invested a lot of time in one of the main aspects of our game, take off and landing. In Human
Horizon we want ship control to feel realistic and comfortable, so now both mechanics are totally based on realistic physics. We have implemented a new engine start system so the take off isn't just clicking on a button:


We have also implemented a new ship resource, the shield. As well as the fuel, we will have a slider in
the lower right corner that shows the resource amount. This shield can be damaged by colliding with
an obstacle, such as an asteroid or a planet. If the shield amount reaches zero, the ship explodes.

Apart from colliding with obstacles, shield is also very important to measure how good the landing was.
This depends on two diferent aspects:

  • Angle between the up vector of the ship and a vector from the center of the planet to the ship.
  • How long did it take to land.


This works in the following way:
  • We set an angle (deathAngle) which establishes the worst possible landing in witch the ship would explode.
  • We also set a time (deathTime) that does the same thing.
  • "LandingQuality()" calculates in proportion to the maximum amount of shield how good the landing was and the damage the ship takes.

Asteroid Mining

Yes! Now our fellow astronaut can mine asteroids to obtain resources. However this new mechanics aren't that easy to carry out.


As you can see, when we come close to an asteroid we can attach the ship and start mining. The way this works may seem a bit complex but its very simple:


We can charge with energy (current power in the image) the asteroid to obtain resources. That level of energy is represented in a dark green bar. When that bar reaches the light geen zone we start obtaining resources at the same time that the asteroid and the light green zone get smaller. This is when the mining laser power gets tricky, the higher the value of the power bar of the asteroid, the faster it recovers. At the same time, if the dark green bar getts to the red zone, the red percentage on the top of the asteroid will start to grow. If it gets to 100, the asteroid explodes, damaging and propelling the ship.

Astronaut Upgrades and Tools

In this new version of the game, we can enter a new panel when we enter the ship. In that panel we can now:

  • Explore the astronaut upgrade tree.
  • Access the ship warehouse to equip and leave different tools such as jetpacks, repairing tools and gas extractors.


Once we have built and equiped a certain tool, we can now exit the ship and use it. As you can see, inventory slots are limited, so you must keep in mind witch tools you are going to need in ech panel. For example:

  • If you see there's a mountain in the planet, you can equip the jetpack tool to reach that area and get exclusive resources you can only find there.
  • If you are running out of fuel and you see a planet with gas zones, yo can land and take with you a fuel extractor to obtain fuel.
  • If your ship's shields are damaged you can look for a you can look for a planet where it's easy to land to repair it.


Comments, thoughts, feels or any kind of feedback will be appreciated!

Expect regular updates from us.

Thanks for reading and feel free to follow us on twitter and instagram:

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Today we’re going to explain some of the mechanics we have created for the control of the ship in space.

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