Take control of any of the 7 heroes, that you all know and love from the previous game and venture out from the Town of Outlook above Aridara and climb the Tower of Exhaustion through various different environments.
While Hammerwatch is built on all static designed levels and a clear path, Heroes has generated random levels with a mix of traps, puzzles, items and such.

Heroes of Hammerwatch is not only random and generated, it's also persistent. So while levels and such are random, your hero will be saved with all of his/hers progress when it comes to skills and such.
The town you constantly upgrade to unlock more features will also be saved, but for all your heroes, so you can create new Heroes and they can continue to build up the town.


  • Random generated levels - each time you enter a level a new layout with different features will be generated.
  • Persistent Heroes - your progress is saved and each time you restart the game or die you can choose to continue with your Hero or create a new one. This time you can customize your heroes better too, with colors on different parts of the body and such, make it more unique to your own likings.
  • Upgradable town - the town is the starting point for your Heroes which you will return to between sessions. Construct buildings to allow Heroes to be upgraded further, unlock new Heroes and a lot more things. The town remains upgraded even if you choose to create a new Hero.
  • Items - Heroes of Hammerwatch features over 100 different items with various rarity, some with extreme abilities. Items can be bought in town, found in chests or secrets, and can also be dropped as reward from some enemies.
  • Enemies - Fight hordes of enemies all with different stats and functions, several big and smaller bosses all with unique looks and behavior.
  • Environments - Using some old themes from the first Hammerwatch, Heroes of Hammerwatch also adds new and fresh themes thrown into the mix.
  • Co-op - Bring your Hero into someone elses town and help them out, or have up to 3 of your friends join your own town.
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Crackshell, The Video Game Developer proudly presents the first video of Hammerwatch II. It's a shorter ingame video of some basic exploration. The section is early in the game, but the open nature of this world will have you revisit places like this several times.

The video shows several completely new features to the series, like proper quests, inventory, grapple hook point and more.

Hammerwatch II the direct sequel to Hammerwatch, that was released in August 2013, this game will start the players off more or less exactly where that game ended.

Hammerwatch II expands on all areas of the first game, into a more general action rpg style, in a more open world with instances. We will make sure we keep the levels as intricate and advanced as the first game, with more puzzles, traps, buttons etc, we see this game as a mix of a Diablo and Zelda 3 when it comes to that.

More info to come, about classes, itemization, loot, enemies, instances, lore, world, stay tuned...

You can always follow us on twitter and look at the webpage for the game, or the company.

December 2017 progress report

December 2017 progress report


A small progress report on our current game, Heroes of Hammerwatch.

First video!

First video!

News 3 comments

First early gameplay video, the very first few minutes.

Hipshot Creator

Yea, we don't know about this game and consoles, since the new engine isn't ported.

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Would love to see this on the switch. A little more of what i wanted than original hammerwatch, which i already love.

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That's very surprising!

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