H.E.R.B. is a robot sent to Earth by humans after they were forced to leave the planet to escape the evolving hostile AI. Your job is to collect intel about the current state of it and find a way to get back to humans in order to deliver it.

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The biggest news on our project are the changes to the enemies and their VFX, as well as smaller updates throughout the whole game.

The enemy effects will change based on how many times they are hit signifying how much HP they have left.When they are smoking they are now only 1 Hit away from being destroyed.

Enemies also drop the a crystal that the player can pick up to Heal himself.We are currently very happy with the progress on our enemies but want to make them even more different from each other by also changing the way each one of them attacks. The idea is for one to headbutt the player, one explode and another fire a laser.

On another note we are currently planing to remove the crouching mechanic since it´s not providing enough justification to exist and it´s creating problems with our camera.

Some important notes about the current Demo of the game. Level 2 is still not finished so if you try to enter it the game will just get stuck so don´t do that :). To activate the combat system of the player press 7 after getting the wrench on level 1 and you can now attack with it by clicking on Mouse1. You can click 1 2 3 4 5 to get to any level / reach the end of a level. C is used for crouching but the camera is problematic when interning the areas for it.

Hope you have fun trying the new Demo.

H.E.R.B. Big Adventure DevBlog #1

H.E.R.B. Big Adventure DevBlog #1

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This week in "H.E.R.B´s Big Adventure", we will go over our finished HUB where you can pick what level you want to play Hello everyone, welcome to a...

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H.E.R.B. Big Adventure - Demo

H.E.R.B. Big Adventure - Demo


Demo for H.E.R.B´s Big Adventure with all the latest updates

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