Godless combines rogue-like and turn-based strategy genres and gives a fresh look at well-known elements giving indirect control over your servants. Regain divine power and unleash it upon mortals over and over until they fall

Destroy Mankind

Mortals defeated each single god… except you. Gather power and bring mankind to extinction destroying one continent after another in turn-based battles. After each crusade you'll grow stronger and better understand your enemies.

Watch From Above

You are not a puppeteer but a god. Servants don't need direct orders and will act on their own for the benefit of your war campaign. Consider their behavior, help them and don't let mortal heroes hinder your divine plans.

Change Battlefield

Transform landscape, construct buildings and summon new creatures to set up an advantageous environment for your servants. Volcano near enemy soldiers? Sure thing. Fortifications around friendly mages? Why not. Each battle never the same!

Combine Elements

Merge sparks of creation into powerful artifacts and enhance their abilities with numerous passive powers. You'll discover hundreds of effective combinations during your crusades!

Face Consequences

There will be survivors left on the destroyed continents. When the time comes you will choose their destiny and face consequences of decisions you had made right away. They will become your burden... or your blessing.

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Devlog: Replayability


TitleArticle 3

Hello everyone! In this devlog I’m going to talk one of the most essential parts of any rogue-like — replayability.

What Is Godless? It is a turn-based strategy with rogue-like elements where you play as the last god of a fantasy world. Other gods were defeated by mortals and you made your goal to take the revenge on them by destroying all continents on the planet.

Ever-changing World

To make matches fun and replayable I made a system, which generates continents randomly each battle. Their shape and landscape features are created from scratch what constantly creates various situations to adapt to. A few mountains near the ocean? Great natural defenses to place your shrine behind them. Many swamps next to each other? Try to lure mortals there for some extra damage. A mysterious temple with no enemies around? Create your servants next to it and take advantage of the temple’s magic.

1 2

Moreover, after each three continents you enter a new biom (grasslands, deserts, fjords etc.) with its own set of landscape features, enemy heroes and overall battle conditions, which turn the gameplay upside down. I want to go further here and implement the weather system, which affects the battlefield in a different way each time you fight mortals. Heavy rains restoring burnt farms, spontaneous hurricanes moving units to random positions or tsunamis destroying everything next to the ocean. This is still on concept, but I really want the weather system in the game.

2 2

Unexpected Events

Between the continents, you can participate in different events. Sometimes they give you valuable resources, sometimes take your health points and sometimes grant advantage in battles. Types of events are defined randomly so there is always an element of luck. Yet, you can control it since there are three paths to the next continent and you can choose the most advantageous.

3 3

Here is another concept I’m still considering — wandering islands. They are a home for dangerous mini-bosses, which you can choose to battle for great rewards. The bosses would be unique for each biom and require to adapt your strategy to their combat abilities. Moreover, you would be able to choose a minor positive passive effect as a reward for beating a mini-boss. Other than that, they work like regular events — you choose a wandering island icon between the continents and that’s it.

There are more already implemented systems, which help make matches fun and replayable. I will doubtlessly cover them in the upcoming articles. Thank you for reading and stay tuned! :)

Devlog: Becoming stronger

Devlog: Becoming stronger


How can a fantasy god become even more powerful? Let us figure out their options in Godless.

Devlog: A concept behind Godless

Devlog: A concept behind Godless


Talking what it's like to be a powerful god in a rogue-like strategy.

Godless Is On Steam!

Godless Is On Steam!


Ever wanted to become a god and eliminate humankind? Well, you are welcome to do so in Godless.

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