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Take on the role of Annie, a low level employee of the SCP Foundation. A covert organization meant to secure and contain anomalous entities and protect the general public from them.
Why has an organization with the motto "Secure, Contain, Protect" created a division for replicating paranormal events and anomalous entities? Why are you tasked with repeatedly testing the same replicas, with a seemingly never changing outcome? You will need to make drastic decisions to uncover your true purpose and alter the course of your fate.

  • A weird first person horror experience.
  • Twisted gameplay mechanics: utilize existing and original anomalies to solve puzzles and navigate levels.
  • Explore the facility: every level is a sandbox with multiple paths, secrets and choices that shape the outcome of your story.
  • Take the wheel: cutscenes don't take you from place to place. You will need to drive through the foggy landscape beyond the facility in order to reach your ultimate goal.
  • Our take on the SCP Universe: if you're familiar with the stories of the SCP Foundation, you might find we've made surprising changes to them. Besides the most popular ones, you will meet and interact with many hidden gems of the SCP Foundation Wiki.

Discord: Discord.gg
Facebook: Facebook.com
Twitter: Twitter.com
Website: Misfitvillage.com

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Hi everyone, lead dev Mladen here. We're beyond excited (actually shaking quite a bit) to finally be able to show you what we've been working on for several years. The trailer for Go Home Annie is live right now here on IndieDB:


In addition to that, we're ready to let Annie into the wild by releasing a free demo (aren't demos always free?) on the 21st of September on Steam for all of you to try out, give us your feedback, maybe report a few dozen bugs and so on.
We'll be working on the demo until the moment of release and beyond with patches and updates to it. It offers a good chunk of gameplay, about one hour. You'll have a chance to explore a seemingly abandoned house and a part of an SCP Facility. We can't give away too much though.
We'd really like for everyone digging the trailer to try it out, we think you'll find it pretty interesting. We think you'll find it quite different to other horror titles, there's some surprises to be had inside.

If you want to be notified about the demo when it releases, wishlist the game on Steam!

Mladen from Misfit Village

SCPs recommended by the community added to Go Home Annie!

SCPs recommended by the community added to Go Home Annie!


We reached out to the SCP community to see what SCPs you thought would work good as gameplay elements.

Go Home Annie, our new SCP horror game announced!

Go Home Annie, our new SCP horror game announced!


We've been working on Annie for several years (you don't want to know how many) and the time has finally come to unveil the fruits of our labor.

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