The Phage, a deadly virus infecting humans and animals, is decimating the human population on earth – so humanity has set out to find a new home by colonizing a hostile alien planet.

GearStorm - Armored Survival is a story-driven science fiction survival game. Survive the deadly Phage virus, establish your settlement, build your defenses, explore a new world, establish trade with the inhabitants and discover the mysteries of Apollyon.

Play the deep campaign story by yourself or with friends, or set out on your own to discover new lands and start a colony of your own. Confront or align with the local factions on Apollyon, unlock the mysteries of ancient alien ruins and artifacts.

GearStorm combines strong role-playing elements with survival to give you and your friends a unique experience.

The Frontier

After 300 years of voyaging through interstellar space, we have arrived at the exoplanet Apollyon, Humanities best hope for a new home. and second chance.

The Exomarine

You are the elite, the Exomarine, you are the Vanguard of the colonization effort to Apollyon. Part engineer, part elite trooper, part leader of colonists, you are a one-person force for our survival. Your mission: Build our new home, secure it, defend it. After 300 years of voyaging in cold memory storage, your body has been reconstituted and your consciousness rebooted to be the first to fight for our new home and build our future. Choose your character and appearance. Choose your path through deep RPG skills, the honor score system, and experience levels.

The Gear

As a Exomarine you are trained and issued a vast assortment of weapons and equipment to aid in your mission. Craft and steal a vast array of weapons, attachments, armor, and equipment to survive and protect what's yours.

Mechanized Survival:

The ICA has provided blueprints for the latest in mechanized combat vehicles. Construct wheeled, hover, flying, and walking vehicles, customize the paint, weapons, and upgrades to your specs.

Build a Colony

To survive you will need a base of operations. Using over 500 types of build-able objects, you can construct a entire colony to house your vehicles, equipment, workers, researchers, and farmers.

Be a GameMaster:

In GearStorm you get to be a GameMaster. This role gives players unparalleled freedom of creativity. If creative game play is your preference, playing as GameMaster lets you change the world, the non-player characters, the quests, the settlements, the weather and every other aspect of game play. You can create new stories and experiences to share with your friends or the world.


  • Open World of Apollyon:

    The new planet of Apollyon has multiple continents for players to explore and experience. These procedural continents use voxel-based terrain and are completely destructible. Each with NPC settlements, ancient ruins and underground caverns and dungeons for players to explore.

  • Campaign Mode:

    You wake up on board your assigned colony ship to find it totally deserted, as you explore the ship, the story unfolds of our escape from the Phage virus on Earth and what led to the Virus emerging leading to our epic voyage across hundreds of years and the vast emptiness of space to colonize Apollyon. Learn the shocking truth about Apollyon and the inhabitants and settlements you interact with once you make planet-fall. Craft and upgrade your equipment and vehicles you can use to perform the missions along the storyline.

  • Survival Mode:

    Dropped from a long voyage onto a unknown alien planet far away from Earth, to survive you will have to be aware of a diverse set of threats around every corner.

  • GameMaster Mode:

    Host your own server as GameMaster to build and spawn anything, fly, teleport, and teleport other people. You can have multiple GameMasters in a game to create your own world, cities, and quests.

  • Singleplayer and Multiplayer

    Play single player or join a server to pit your survival skills against other players. Host your own server as a GameMaster to control everything about the game like vehicle performance, weapon performance, quests, and the environment.

  • Building and Construction:

    Build a small base or an entire colony populated with NPCs that guard you, farm for you, or do your other chores! Build machines that operate over a wireless network and automate things in your base. Build vehicle factories that allow you to manufacture flying, floating, driving, or walking vehicles along with a diverse set of weapons and upgrades to equip them with.

  • Wildlife and Enemies:

    Some wildlife is peaceful, going about their business and snacking on plants. Others are aggressive carnivores, after other wildlife or you! There are also a plethora of technologically advanced enemies as bandits or marines from other factions to contend with.

  • Mining and Resource Gathering:

    For building and construction, you need to gather and mine resources. Dig down to elements under the ground or find resources on the surface. Raid camps of other players or indigenous population to steal resources!

  • Extensive Crafting System:

    Use the local resources and tools to craft new technology, weapons, building materials, and supplies. Combine found items and resources to craft vehicles and machines that talk to each other through the wireless network.

  • Hunting, Farming and Food System:

    Grow your own vegetables and fruits or hunt creatures for their meat to prepare yourself a delicious meal. Some plants help to create medical supplies while others can be picked up and consumed for first aid or for food to survive.

  • Technology and Advancement:

    Fight, mine, and build to unlock new elements of the tech tree and advance your weapon and gear levels.

  • Terrain Deformation:

    All of the vast maps in GearStorm can be dug in, holes blown in the ground, and mined for resources.

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GearStorm is Iron City Game’s debut game and magnum opus. In 2013, co-founders Shawn Ellis and Brian Rivers began a grand plan for designing the ultimate military simulator in the future with a totally destructible, multi-player world. The game was architected using cutting-edge parallel processing and procedural algorithms and built in the Unreal Engine. After securing funding and 5 years later, this huge project is finally ready to be shared with the world. GearStorm is in closed alpha testing now and will be released in July 2019 for open beta.


  • Advanced Combat: GearStorm is not a simple run-and-gun twitch shooter. GearStorm follows the path of the military shooter, simulation game with full prone, crouch and tactically useful cover AND concealment from grass and brush. You can hide, you can sneak, you can snipe people from almost a kilometer away. Damage has consequences but there is (most of the time) be ways to escape and disengage and live to fight another day. GearStorm has armor, shields and finally health to mitigate damage. Cover, concealment and strategy all play a huge role in a typical GearStorm engagement. Damage in GearStorm for players and NPCs has detail and depth, when shot in the arm has different effects than if you are hit in the leg. GearStorm brings much more detail to combat than just a health bar.

  • Advanced Weapons: Weapons in GearStorm are military style, but we do not just recycle modern day weaponry. GearStorm will have a massive selection of advanced, futuristic weapons. Lasers, flamethrowers, electromagnetic slug-throwers and smart rockets are just a few of the weapons that have been put into the game. All of these will not be cheesy, gimicky weapons, but real-re imagining of what future military weapons might be like based on current trends in military weaponry.

  • Game Master: Master your own game on your own server. Server admins can spawn anything, teleport anyone, teleport themselves, unlimited building, flying, create quests, and alter any stat of any weapon or vehicle in-game, in real-time. You can create your own experience for your own server.

  • GEAR! GearStorm has all kinds of gear the player can have that effects the player’s characteristics. Gadgets and improvements for armor will be very diverse and numerous. These will effect how far you can jump, how fast you can run, how much damage you can take, how accurate you are, how much you can see. We are incorporating this concept as our way for players to quickly reconfigure their armor for a particular role, and lose their gear if they are killed on the field. Gear will persist on players or in containers or in vehicles on server restarts, making GearStorm a persistent world that you can build up a character and horde gear and vehicles in.

  • Zombies! GearStorm’s story includes a full zombie apocalypse setting, being true to that story, we have incorporated a large-scale zombie AI, allowing hundreds of zombies to be engaged at once, epic battles of zombies verses flamethrowers, lasers, miniguns, explosives and vehicles will be possible! Zombies take consequences for damage, hit them in the leg they will slow down, hit them in the head they will die instantly, hit them in the arms and they can’t attack

  • Combined arms: GearStorm includes a rich population of fully simulated vehicles including wheeled, hover, and air vehicles. All of these vehicles will play a role in combat and transport on our huge maps! Players will own vehicles, when you build one or find one or steal one, you can keep it in your base for safe keeping and lock it up. Vehicles will persist on servers so you can build a stable of them and keep them for missions and combat! As a true military simulator, GearStorm has depth to vehicle like ammunition, fuel, damage, armor, and consequences to damage like affects to mobilization and weapons, not just a health bar.

  • Open, fully-destructible: worlds with large destructible terrain, rocks and vegetation.[/b] When you make a hole in GearStorm, it persists. You can did a base into the ground or a mountainside. You can mine for materials, make labyrinths, or dig trenches and tunnels for combat. At the same time, GearStorm’s map is huge (20km x 20km), multiplayer, and saved in real-time for all players.

  • Building: You can build almost anything in GearStorm using our extensive library of building materials, bridges, walls, battlements, windows, doors, garages to keep your vehicles. You can build lights, doors and windows that open based on switching commands and a wireless control scheme. Build bases you can fight from, towers to snipe from and garages to horde your vehicles and gear. Bases will be attacked for some reasons, but will have limited destructibility so you can’t just lose the base you have been building for days from one attack.

  • Quests: Gearstorm has a rich quest system allows the server gamemaster-admins to create their own missions and spawn vehicles, gear, creatures or enemy combatants based on timing, location and player proximity. This will allow the gamemaster-admins to create a unique set of missions for the players on their servers or just their friends. GearStorm will also come with built-in missions that the gamemaster admin can delete or modify.

  • Traders: GearStorm has a trader system with NPC traders that can sell you things or place bounties on other players, items or creatures.10. Gamemaster-admins. pcguyGearStorm will have a gamemaster-admin role for each server that allows the players the server owner designates to teleport, spawn items or vehicles, teleport players to them, god mode and fly. This will let server admins control the experience on their server, help players, create events and create missions. GearStorm will also allow the gamemaster-admin to kick or ban players from their server, set weapon damage and range for their server, or change what vehicles are available and their speed, range and weapons. This role will let a non-technical server admin create a unique experience for players on their server.

  • Automation: GearStorm has a full wireless automation system with sensors, switches and machines you can active or deactivate on a switch or sensor. Open/close doors, turn lights on and off, activate elevators, much more to come!

  • Unreal Engine: GearStorm is built on the Unreal 4 engine. Capitalizing on the very latest version of the most fully featured, stable, highest performance, and best physics engines in the world. GearStorm is more rock solid, bug-free, and smoother/faster than if it were built on some other engines. Physics work better, and it is easier for us to add more features. We will spend our time on new features and game-play instead of tweaking a proprietary or buggy engine. We capitalize on the deep ecosystem of resources and plugins that will get our players more features faster.

The quest system and storyline

The quest system and storyline


Mission-Quest EditingWelcome to the exciting world of GearStorm Quest Editing. As a Game Admin the player will haveaccess to shape the player world, configure...

The construction of fortifications in the project GearsStorm

The construction of fortifications in the project GearsStorm


Building is one of the core features of GearStorm and key to survival. There are a wide variety of objects the player can build with from the building...

Launch The Game GearStorm

Launch The Game GearStorm


In our game there are modes for every taste: Campaign Mode, Survival Mode, GameMaster Mode, Singleplayer and Multiplayer mode.

GearStorm Release v1.620

GearStorm Release v1.620


GearStorm Release v1.620 - Improved Cockpit Readouts, Pickpockit and quest fixes

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