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Greetings from Kinahmi Games! Months of silence are over and it's time for us to open Galactic Conquerors a bit for you guys. We are very excited to tell you that we have come CLOSE to finalize our units and their skills. Yesh! We want to show you what we got at the moment. So let's get to it!

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Today we're going to talk about our alien race: Gramos, their units and a little bit about
damage types.

As you might remember from our previous posts (if not, go on and read them from here!) Gramos are more the type of race which wants to get to your face and hit you to the ground until you can't move anymore.
Their units are focused more on the offensive side than the defensive.

Before we get to the units let me explain our different kind of damage types. There are 4 different kinds of damage types in Galactic Conquerors:

Static damage deals devastating damage to shields but it deals less damage to unit's health.

Burning is the opposite of static damage, dealing heavy damage to health but lower damage against shields.

Explosive damage goes partly through shields meaning that half of its damage hits unit's shield and half of it to its health. The overall damage is lower.

Corrosive damage is dealt over time. It damages both unit's health and shield the same way as explosive damage.

By using
different kind of damage types efficiently you can change the tide of the battle.

Now we got that out of our way, let's get to the more interesting part: units!

Keep in mind that unit names/skills/etc. might/will change during the development.

Gramos Initiator

Attack damage type: explosive
Unit role: initiator

Initiator is the first of six different unit types for Gramos. To counter its low health and shield it was built to be swift and agile which makes it hard to get hit. To further improve it chances to not get hit, Initiator can use a skill called Evasion which increases the chances of enemies missing their shots. In other words: first in the battle, first out of the battle!

Gramos Nuker 1

Attack damage type:static
Unit role: nuker

You're looking to destroy a few pesky human units? Well Gramos Nuker is your answer (or at least one of the answers)! It's the other nuker of Gramos fleet. They can deal great amount damage from a long distant. With its skill Crystal Beam, Nuker can damage all the targets on beam's path so you better stay away from the beam.

Gramos Nuker 2

Attack damage type: explosive
Unit role: nuker

This is the second nuker of Gramos. This cheap and quite weak unit doesn't live for long especially when using its skill Kaboom. By activating the skill it rams itself to the target unit and explodes hopefully taking its target with him. Gramos nuker 2 isn't restricted only for suicide missions but it can also shoot as any other unit.

Gramos Tank

Attack damage type: explosive
Unit role: durable

Tank is...what you think it is...a tank. It's extremely durable but also a slow unit. It was designed to take shots for the team and with its skill Plasma ball, Tank can absorb nearby attacks protecting friendly units.

Gramos Support

Attack damage type: burning
Unit role: support

This is the medic of space. It can repair other friendly units by using its skill Fix. It also makes the target immune to stuns. This support unit may seem harmless in enemy eyes but if left alone it may surprise you...

Gramos Ultimate

Attack damage type: explosive
Unit role: ultimate

Enemies are coming for you! What to do? Just bring these big ass spaceships to the playground and you're fine. This flagship of Gramos fleet is armed to the last bolt and it will take care of your enemies. If there's still something left from enemy fleet, Ultimate can increase friendly units attack damage to finish them off.

That's the first set of units in Galactic Conquerors. Keep checking our FB/Twitter for more updates!


-Kinahmi Games team

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