Freaky Awesome is a game in which you constantly mutate into different creatures by getting infected from the remains of killed monsters.

  • Freaky Awesome is a dynamic action game with permanent death and randomly generated locations, in which you can play alone or in a company of 4.
  • All environment in the game affects players and NPCs. Due to it, you’ll be able to use environment objects for making really fun and crazy great battles with ugly monsters.
  • When you killed any enemy you can walk smack into their remains. It will heal you, but you’ll get some infection, and sometimes you’ll mutate in a new form.
  • Each mutation has unique skills and you should find the better ways to fight with monsters each time you change.

Freaky Awesome on Steam

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Hi! First of all we want to say "Thank you" for your support! After getting Steam Greenlight we started to work on getting a Steam page for Freaky Awesome. And it's live now! Feel free to add to your wishlists:

Freaky Awesome on Steam

We also started a topic for Q&A on Steam forums:

Q&A with Developer

The game is planned for release this Autumn. As you can see on Steam page we are going to support online co-op as well as a single mode and shared/split screen. Now we are at the end of our work on random generation. After that we're going to start working on features for online co-op.

Stay tuned!

Greenlit! Our future plans..

Greenlit! Our future plans..


Hi! Our game is approved on Steam Greenlight! Thank you all for your support and votes! In this article we are sharing some stats about our Greenlight...

Announcing Freaky Awesome

Announcing Freaky Awesome

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Announcing Freaky Awesome - Dynamic co-oop action where the remains of your foes mutate you.

Working with animations in Freaky Awesome

Working with animations in Freaky Awesome


Hi! We just decided to talk a bit about our tools for development which we are using for Freaky Awesome. Most of them developed in-house for our own using...

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