Sticks & Stones is a pseudo-futuristic reality show where you’re a contestant. To win you have fight curious looking enemies called Holo-balls and defeat the final boss.

Alone and with nothing on you but your wits, the adventure begins in a forest where you’ll have to survive while you plan and prepare yourself for combat.

Although there is a definite amount of types of stages, they're procedurally generated with each new play. This way, the player's not only unable to memorize them, but is also getting a new gameplay experience each time.

There's a simple but unusual crafting system based on the combining of ingredients plus tools, which allows the player to fight against the Holo-balls.

Finally, the survival mechanic, through thirst and hunger, pressures the player for action at all times.


  • Permadeath
  • Procedurally generated zones
  • Non-linear runs


  • Range and melee weapons
  • Shield to defend and to counter back enemies projectiles
  • Sprint and Dash movements
  • Fast combat equipment swapping
  • Stamina management
  • Our motto is "easy to play, hard to master"


  • Experimentation and discovery of crafting combinations
  • Recipes log book for fast-crafting of learnt items
  • Unique crafting system based on ingredients+tool combinations
  • Crafting of amazing weapons from both natural and hi-tech elements


  • Survival system indicators (hunger and dehydration)
  • Exploration and hunting for supplies
  • Limited resources (so be careful with wasting anything!)
  • Secret survival stashes for improving your options

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News 1 comment

Hi everybody. It's with a heavy heart that we regret to inform that starting today we're halting all development of Sticks & Stones. The budget we had turned out to be not enough for the game we had in mind, and even though we honestly gave our all, we were unable to overcome some external circumstances that went against us. Sometimes it's like that.

It's not an ending but a pause, and we'll hope to find budget and time to continue. Many thanks to all of you for the comments, videos and kind words during these months. It was an amazing experience. We hope to see you again soon.

The Sticks & Stones Team

And to the guy that said "bullshit" on our Steam page: Well, screw you buddy!

We've got Greenlight, baby, yeah!

We've got Greenlight, baby, yeah!


Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to IndieDB and everyone who voted.

Designing Survival Stashes

Designing Survival Stashes


This time we check out what we did to improve the environment exploring: this time Survival Stashes.

How We Did It - Procedural Generation

How We Did It - Procedural Generation

News 2 comments

This time we talk about how we made our sexy scenarios for Ferguson to move about.

Greenlight baby, yeah!

Greenlight baby, yeah!


We came, we saw, we conquered, we took the women and gave them massages with soothing music, we defeated the men with promises of riches, we said "Hi...

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Sticks & Stones Build 2

Sticks & Stones Build 2


Second public build. We've improved combat, visuals, introduced new enemies, the between-stages navigation, the News Ticker, and included some eye candy...

Sticks & Stones Build 1

Sticks & Stones Build 1


First public build of Sticks & Stones: not even enough to be called a Demo. A roguelike, survival and crafting game. There's a lot to be done still, but...

Guest - - 699,372 comments

Como el equipo de desarrollo es es español, lo escribiré en español.
No parece un proyecto ambicioso, al menos no por su apariencia, sus gráficos (que no es lo más importante de un juego, pero la gente le da mucha importancia) son tremendamente simples, que no sería algo malo si estuviese `vivo´.Criticar un juego es bastante complicado, aún el hacerlo y se nota por la manera de craftear que eso es lo que más ha recibido atención. A mi parecer el menú de crafteo está bien, solo que al ser tan transparente se confunde con el entorno y causa malentendidos (y esto hablando del tutorial, no me quiero ni imaginar cómo sería en un entorno con otra paleta de colores) un sencillo arreglo bastará y no tengo más pegas en ese aspecto, mis nueves y medios para vosotros oye.
Pero sigo teniendo la sensación de que le falta magia, no sé cómo explicarlo, hay juegos que en su sencillez está su encanto, minecraft (que es un ejemplo maravilloso) son todo cubos y exprime esa sencillez hasta el infinito, pero no siento lo mismo aquí. Se nota que el juego está hecho con mucho cariño y esfuerzo, pero hace falta escuchar como `tu bebé´se hace mayor y tiene que cambiar para adaptarse a su entorno, el jugador mismo debe sentir ese cariño y además sentirse que él tiene que cambiar para ganar. Ardo en deseos de ver el juego terminado porque tiene mucho potencial, pero para eso, necesita más desarrollo. Mis más sincera enhorabuena, no siempre se ve un juego con tanto por exprimir. (Es como una piedra que se puede hacer diamante ¿pillas el chiste? ¿no? ok ya paro)

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basetis_io Creator
basetis_io - - 26 comments

Muchas gracias por la opinión!

Aún nos queda mucho trabajo, y estoy seguro que encontrarás eso que buscas en el juego.

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