Forward Defense is a singleplayer tower defense game for the PC. Join the United Coalition Force and defeat incoming waves of insurgent forces.

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On June 6 2028, the United Coalition Force invaded the sovereign state of Kardastan. After a brutal three year war, the UCF succeeded in hunting down and assassinating the Kardastani dictator Haddar Sharif. The war sparked civil unrest and led to the rise of the Revolutionary Freedom Army, an insurgent faction who wishes to avenge Haddar Sharif. The RFA relies heavily on guerilla warfare, improvised weaponry, sabotage and hit-and-run tactics.

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You'll be in charge of a well equipped UCF artillery regiment. Your task will be to strategically build and maintain a variety of Turret Structures ranging from high velocity Smoothbore Cannons to Howitzers firing 155mm air burst shells. You'll be able to use Hesco Walls to provide perimiter protection, and install upgrades on your Turrets to increase your range and firepower.

Use Target Prioritization modes to prioritize certain targets over others. If you're encountering heavily armored targets like Armored Cars, you might want your Turrets to engage those targets first.

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Hostile Units Overview 4

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System Requirements 2

While we’re doing everything we can to ensure a steady framerate on any system, we do recommend having at least a mid-range CPU and a mid-range GPU. Some of our levels feature large amounts of units onscreen which may cause some dips in performance. Playing Forward Defense on entry level graphics cards may result in suboptimal framerates, especially on screen resolutions above 1920 x 1080.

UI Horizontal Players

We're aiming to create a highly polished and detailed tower defense game with familiar gameplay and a modern military visual style. Forward Defense will be launching in Early Access first, so you'll be able to play the game very early on. We're very open to community feedback and want to slowly expand the game with new features, while keeping a close eye on performance. If you have any ideas or concerns, we would love to hear from you!

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Our new and improved controls make it very easy to manually select enemy targets and also allow you to select multiple Turrets at the same time. Here's an overview of how the new controls work.

Leftclick, hold and drag opens up a selection box. You can also hold CTRL and leftclick to select multiple Turrets. Doubleclick any Turret to select all Turrets of that type (for example: all of your Howitzers).

With one or more Turrets selected, rightclick an enemy unit to target it. The unit will be marked and remembered, even if the unit is still out of range. The enemy target will be prioritized over any other target.

Screenshot 4K 2560x1440 20240105

We've also added in voice-over lines for Structure select, target select, target out of range, structure lost and life lost. Voice actors Mitch Xander and Michael Malconian have done a terrific job bringing these United Coalition Force characters to life.

This update brings in a new level: Farm Fields. Nestled in the heart of the Pashmal region, these farms yield some of the most valuable crops in the country. This heavily cultivated area has become a hotspot for RFA activities. Your task is to establish a bridgehead along the river and prevent the RFA from exploiting the surrounding crops.

Screenshot 4K 2560x1440 20231228

This update also adds completely new foliage to some of our maps. You'll find lush new trees, bushes and plants in Valley Village, Lost Outpost, Highway of Death and Oasis.

Change List:

  • Added Farm Fields level
  • Added new foliage to Valley Village, Lost Outpost, Highway of Death and Oasis levels
  • Added new rock terrain textures to Lost Outpost level
  • Added multiple selection
  • Added selection box using leftclick and drag
  • Added ability to select multiple Structures by type using doubleclick
  • Added ability to select multiple Structures using CTRL
  • Added ability to manually select an enemy target using rightclick (rightclick no longer deselects)
  • Added ability for Turret Structures to remember an enemy target before it gets into range
  • Added enemy target indicator
  • Added range indicators during wave
  • Updated bottomleft menu for multiple selection
  • Updated Target Prioritization menu for multiple selection (if multiple TP modes are being used, the icons become cyan)
  • Updated ingame SFX to improve performance
  • Added voice-over lines for Structure select, enemy target select, target out of range, structure lost and life lost
  • Added Settings menu sliders for voice-over volume and UI sound effects volume
  • Fix for Hesco Wall disappearing at long range at low settings
  • Fix for range indicators not showing up after a wave even though the button is pressed
  • Slightly nerfed Rotary Cannon damage radius to make Rotary Cannon blob less effective

If you run into any issues, please leave a comment in this thread:

Forward Defense - Devlog 6 - UI SFX and Tanks!

Forward Defense - Devlog 6 - UI SFX and Tanks!


The patch brings in main battle tanks, UI sound effects and revised target prioritization.

Forward Defense - Public Demo Update!

Forward Defense - Public Demo Update!


We've updated our public demo to version 0.3.0. This brings in a huge amount of improvements and additions to the previous version, including range indicators...

Forward Defense - Devlog 5 - New Map, Autosave System & Difficulty Settings!

Forward Defense - Devlog 5 - New Map, Autosave System & Difficulty Settings!


Patch 0.3.0 is live! This update brings in several new features and includes a new map: Container Terminal.

Forward Defense - Devlog 4 - Two Brand New Maps!

Forward Defense - Devlog 4 - Two Brand New Maps!


We're very happy to share two completely new maps with you: Baghmar Airport and Desert Base!

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Forward Defense - Public Demo

Forward Defense - Public Demo

Demo 10 comments

This demo is an alpha version of the game and contains one of our levels: Oil Fields.

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