Will You Be Worthy and Defend the Fatherland?

6 June 1944, the greatest military invasion in human history begins with over 150.000 Allied soldiers landing in Normandy to face the German Wehrmacht and bring an end to the Second World War. The German Reich has been taken by surprise and for the first time since 1939 it is at risk of a defeat. You have been given the glorious task of stopping the Allied invasion and defending the German territories on the Western Front.

FTF Omaha Wallpaper 01

Tower Defense In Big!

For The Fatherland is a tower defense strategy game taking place during the Second World War and you are in charge of the German forces trying to stop the attacking Allied troops. Place your units in strategic positions, make use of special abilities, and manage resources to counter the incoming enemy waves on large maps with up to four lanes. The future of the Reich is in your hands. Are you up for the challenge?

FTF Carentan Wallpaper

For The Fatherland Includes:

  • Six large maps with predetermined creep lanes inspired by e.g., the D-Day landing on Omaha Beach, the Battle of Villers-Bocage, the Battle of Carentan, and the Tank Battle on Kursk
  • Predetermined tower spots in realistic positions
  • 15 tower units including a German Rifleman, a Sniper, a Machine Gunner, a Flamethrower, Flak 88, Tanks, and Planes
  • 17 creep units e.g., an American Rifleman, a Submachine Gunner, Haft-truck, Sherman, Spitfire, Soviet Submachine Gunner, and Soviet T-34/76 Tank
  • 8 special abilities: Smoke Grenade, Mortar Strike, Sniper Shot, Poison Gas, and more
  • Unit upgrades for increased damage and more unlockables
  • All units vary in damage, cost, speed, range, et cetera
  • Two difficulty levels: Rekrut (easy) and Kommandant (hard)


Join the Community

Please consider helping with the development of For The Fatherland and kindly provide feedback on unit and effect balancing, as well as on the map design. Moreover, you can find additional media, screenshots, and development updates on DISCORD!

For The Fatherland!

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It’s about time, I am proud to announce the full release of For The Fatherland!

As of today, For The Fatherland is leaving the Early Access phase and the development process is coming to an end. I have implemented all of the content and community feedback you so kindly provided. Although the work on FTF is completed, I will provide hotfixes and patches should bugs or balancing issues occur. However, I would like to move on and start working on a new project building upon my experience gained while working on FTF.

Full release patch notes:

  • Fixed a bug that would not allow zooming in and out when you paused the game
  • Reduced the depot price of the smoke grenade ability from 100/50 to 50/50
  • Made some minor visual adjustments
  • Resized the depot ability icons
  • Implemented a more sophisticated six step tutorial on the first map
  • Changed some graphics options which should reduce the stress put on the GPU, I hope this improves the performance
  • Removed the percentage displayed on loading as it was causing issues (no idea why though)
  • Implemented seven Steam achievements
  • Updated the game trailer

Special thanks to Christiano for pointing out several issues!

Thank you for all of your feedback and support! I hope you enjoy the game…

Cheers and see you on DISCORD!


In case you have missed it, here is a compilation of my favorite wallpapers for each map:

Omaha Wallpaper 02

FTF Wallpaper Bocage

FTF Carentan Wallpaper 11

Airfield Wallpaper 04


Kursk Wallpaper 3

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

All Quiet on the Eastern Front


Hey Folks! Finally, the last map for FTF is now live! This time you will have to face the many relentless Soviet forces attacking your base on Kursk...

Its Dark, Its Snowy, Its Castle Release!

Its Dark, Its Snowy, Its Castle Release!


Ho Ho Ho Soldiers! Just in time for the winter season Castle, the fifth map for FTF, has arrived under the digital Christmas tree! Grab a mug of tasty...

New Map: Airfield

New Map: Airfield


Hello fellow tacticians!Just in time for Halloween I have finished working on Airfield and so can finally release the map to you! Coding and making sure...

Airfield: Dogfight Showcase

Airfield: Dogfight Showcase


Hey lads! Life has been quite busy for me, but I have finally managed to fix some major programming issues I have been struggling with, although there...

ronnieHman - - 3 comments

Not gonna lie, I really appreciate the release date. I have to get around to playing this, it looks pretty nice.

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Zuckrprinz Creator
Zuckrprinz - - 3 comments

Should you pick up the game, I would really appreciate your feedback!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Jetcutter - - 756 comments

I purchased. Will check it out this weekend.

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Zuckrprinz Creator
Zuckrprinz - - 3 comments

Thank you, looking forward to your feedback~

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