Forecast is a squad, simultaneous turn-based tactics game. ​ The core gameplay of Forecast focuses on a planning phase and an action phase. Simultaneous strategy means that both your team AND all opposing teams will carry out planned actions at the same time. ​ All attacks will be in the form of powerful area or directional spells. There is no hit chance, so no missing those 99% shots! If your spell collides with a unit, it's going to feel it.

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Forecast - Introduction Trailer


Forecast is a revolutionary fantasy strategy game packed with thought-provoking combat, experienced through dozens of playstyles. Journey through the afterlife, gather magical beings and grow the forces of your very own pocket dimension to aid you on your quest for revival.

Please check out our Trailer below!

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Forecast: Combat Planning Preview

Forecast: Combat Planning Preview


A quick demo showing off Forecast's Combat and Planning systems. We've finished the Sands of Time level, added various detailed mechanics to the combat...

Forecast: Combat Playthrough

Forecast: Combat Playthrough

Feature 2 comments

In this video I showcase the combat of Forecast as well as some of the content we have in the game right now. This video is our way of introducing the...

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