A new arcade action flight sim from the makers of Alpha Squadron 2. We are developing this new title for PC and consoles. Our previous titles were low poly/texture resolution games designed to run with the utmost speed on mobile devices, Firewing: Fall Of Icarus is being developed for high definition PC, VR and consoles. We hope you'll follow the development of this title as we move forward and ultimately support us on Kickstarter when we are ready for that phase. Our goal is to make an incredible, fun, single player arcade action flight combat experience with an engaging storyline. We'll be posting more information and pictures/videos as they become available, thanks for checking out Firewing: Fall Of Icarus!

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New Environments, Updated Cockpits and More!

Work on the game has been moving at a brisk pace as resources are completed and brought into the game engine for level building and testing. We have updated the cockpit for the Osprey adding more detail and better textures as we move out of the prototype phase.

Firewing FallOfIcarus OspreyCock

Many challenges surfaced as we developed our Island world level, specifically the ability to render the many trees required and still maintain the framerate required for VR, but we feel as though those challenges have been met as some of the screenshots and videos will show.

Firewing FallOfIcarus Island1

Clouds have also proven to be a challenge as traditional particle billboarding solutions tend to break in VR, but we have risen to that challenge as well.

Firewing FallOfIcarus Clouds1

We are building the game levels with the philosophy that all of these worlds will function and be alive with npc ships etc whether you the player are there or not, and this has made for some very interesting scenarios!

Firewing FallOfIcarus Refinery1

Integrating VR pilot movement as you operate the games controls has really upped the immersion level as well.

The snow capped mountain world of Ayrah is one of our favorite levels right now and has some unique features that we think players will love.

Firewing FallOfIcarus Ayrah2

Stay tuned for more updates as the work progresses, hopefully we'll be updating a bit more frequently!

-Martian Monkey Games

HUD elements now in place, time for some testing!

HUD elements now in place, time for some testing!

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Indicator arrow system working and health and speed indicators in-cockpit. Flight mechanics being tweaked.

First Test of VR with Firewing: Fall Of Icarus!

First Test of VR with Firewing: Fall Of Icarus!

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The issues encountered when developing a title for VR.

Juris3D - - 304 comments

My another post just to cheer you up :) My thought: good thing is, that me, as a future player of this game, I can be safely sure it will be good. I mean, even if it would be practically the same "Alpha Squadron 2", just more pretty (and with flightstick support, I hope) for PC hardware - already good then! With that being said, I am wondering, what differences, additions (besides VR stuff) we can expect here, that would be no secret to tell right now? :) Thanks!

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Juris3D - - 304 comments

See my coments in image area - I am supper excited about this game announcement!!
And now weird thing: You, well known "Rogue Squadron clone" maker, anounce a new game, and some days after - we have news, that "Rogue Squadron" makers "Factor5" are back in business! Coincidence? ;)

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MartianMonkeyGames Creator
MartianMonkeyGames - - 7 comments

Thanks, excited that Factor5 is back in biz as well! Cant wait to see what they do.

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