An astronaut was searching for crystals to fill a mysterious meteor. Eventually, he spotted a much needed red Crystal near a planet.

Hoping to reach the Crystal, he descended to a place teeming with flamboyant colored structures and spikes. Unfortunately, he eventually got trapped into the vacuum of space-time continuum.

A seahorse creature emerged and claimed it could help him collect the crystal. Team up to help our hero across this peculiar, music-filled place and uncover the secret of the meteor.

Final Scale is a platform game in which you use powers granted by musical instruments to pass the challenges.


  • 20 Space suits, which are released by purchasing with the game coins, or by finding the silver and gold items scattered throughout the phases.
  • 20 Trails, which leaves a trail of musical magic on the go.
  • 21 Masks that appear when a power is activated.[/ list]

    Adding over 8000 possible customization combinations.


    Original songs that change through the stages as the player collects the instruments.

    Use the Jukebox inside the player's ship to play the tracks and enjoy the game's songs.


    Each planet visited has stellar shapes throughout the phase that need to be remembered by the player, who upon reaching the end must solve a memory key, placing each shape on the stage in the correct order that appeared to release the crystal of that level.


    Seven stages built piece by piece with a variety of challenges across seven planets of the Gah system.

    The levels have a system of medals (bronze, silver and gold) that are awarded according to the time taken by the player to finish it. Achieving good medals releases character customization items.

    There are still secrets. Unravel them

    And More

    • Ramps - causes the player to slide down uncontrolled and need to jump to exit them.
    • Platform Notes - These are platforms that activate a one-note sound on the musical scale, if it is not on the scale the note disappears.
    • Saws - attack the player as he approach and hit the walls.

    • Time notes - disappear shortly after the player steps on them.
    • Movement Notes - As you climb these platforms they begin to move and the player can change the direction of movement by walking to the corners.
    • Spike Notes - move quickly horizontally as the player approaches, only stop when they collide with a wall, which is when they create a shell for a few seconds that allows the player to climb on them without taking damage, and then repeat the movement on the wall. opposite direction by disabling the shell.
    • Cannons - Fired shots repeatedly, staying at the off-scale notes position.
    • Lasers - Lasers are disabled by passing their respective button on the stage or stepping on the variable note at the right moment.
    • Variable note - This note moves around the keyboard changing its true or false condition relative to scale.
    • Drones - are robots that can have various movements, appear with spikes and flames.
    • Time Spikes - appear and disappear according to the counter in your base.
    • Trampoline - A device that send the player up.
    • Impulse notes - These are notes that push the player up and disappear.
    • Checkpoints - allow the player to quickly return to a near point after dying, maintaining a fast pace of play.
    • Death Spikes- When dropped on these spikes the player is sent to the last checkpoint, losing half the coins.
    • Gravity Zones - push the player in a certain direction, do not influence if using flute power.
    • Coins- The game has coins during phases, which can be lost when taking damage, they vary in value according to color, being gold the most valuable, at the end of the phase these coins are added to the money of the player. player in the game.

    • Super Coin - is a large coin that keeps changing color as it passes by the player and is teleported to an area with rewards (itens or a lot of coins).[/ list]
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Hallo! Robert here to talk about Final Scale!

Development history

This project started in the #musicgamejam a year ago.

The mechanic of Platforms inside a Musical Scale is not easy for players, so the game needed a lot of feedback so anyone could pass even if they don't understand scales.

The movement powers were the most difficult part to program. Player can dash, slow the time and FLY and combine all that while going through the level, with means, bugs! But after a lot of effort on fixing problems, it is well polished and working fine!

Each level has a different Musical Scale, starting with the easiest one, C major.

If the player jump in a platform that is out of scale, he falls! But I need to evolve this mechanic, so I made platforms move in the scale or that make you automatically jump, there are six types of platforms and a bunch of other mechanics.

And there is the challenges mechanics in the levels, like a bunch of lasers, moving spikes, and strange eyes that follows you!

Here is a video to show a bit of Final Scale! Available on Steam.

GAME JAM PROJECT: Scale Space Trip (where all starded..)


Actual state : Final Scale on Steam




Here is some Links:


Scikor Games Instagram



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