FELIX Vast is a highly-moddable space combat game. The player takes the role of an elite starfighter pilot and flies missions to ensure the safety and security of the Arcturan Confederation. The game will include a powerful ship builder and resource gathering as well as procedural content to produce limitless content and replayability. Players will also have full access to much of the game code (written in Python), that they'll be able to use to make mods, missions, weapons, and much more. If you liked X-Wing and TIE Fighter you'll love FELIX Vast.

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That's right! You can now download the clunky unpolished pre-alpha version of the game (build 3320 as of this post. Yes, I've compiled this thing three thousand three hundred and twenty times). I'm using an aggressive development process, but now it's time to get some more eyes on it.
Download links are at the top of the Game page. I've tried Linux and Windows, so let me know if the OSX version is working.It doesn't come with a good set of instructions. Some of the controls are documented here.

  • Run in Windowed mode. The UI is still rough.
  • You may experience some initial lag/stutters. It's generating nebulas and stuff. In the future there will be nice loading screens/progress bars.
  • Autopilot is disabled.
  • Coders among you can get into the scripts folder and mess with stuff if you like. The script interface doesn't produce any useful debugging info yet, so tread lightly.
  • Please remember the graphics, especially the ships, are still placeholders.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!

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