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You are Rebecca,
You and your partner Mark have been hired to find the whereabouts of the missing Michael Schmidt. Last known location? The infamous Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria.

Free yourself from the guards chair
Explore the pizza joint we've all become so familiar with
Experience Freddy's like never before
Forget surviving a week, try and survive a single night.

This project is an attempt to remaster and eventually complete the scrapped first version of Fazbear Nightmare (Legacy)
originally planned to add this as a separate unlockable mode in "Fazbear Nightmare (2019)" but feel like it might be better as a separate spin-off

This project only takes lore from FNAF 1 and 2 into consideration as its a rebuild of a game created when those where the only entries in the series, there will defiantly be conflicting information in this storyline that the later games have explained or covered

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Alpha 6 Avalible now

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Head on over to the gamejolt page to grab Alpha 6!!

Midnight Investigator aims to recreate the feel and esthetic of the Original FNAF games in 3d free roam environments.

This is a remake of the original Fazbear Nightmare which was released back in 2015

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