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This changes the size of font to fit more on the screen. No more scrolling down long lists. You can find alternate fonts elsewhere on the web. You can edit the settings of the mod to suit you.

Darnified UI v04
deeznuts450 - - 1 comments

Hey the mcm menu files aren't anywhere, what gives?

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Guest - - 692,621 comments

The Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) is a completely separate mod from DarnUI.

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eravega - - 1 comments

Does it work on fallout 3 too?

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Guest - - 692,621 comments

No, you need a separate version for that. They're easily distinguishable though.

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Axonis - - 945 comments

Even though I prefer the original fonts, I've rated DarNified UI with a 10. It's an excellent UI overhaul for Fallout New Vegas and there's also a Fallout 3 version available at Modsreloaded.com

You should definitely give it a try. It's very easy to install if you follow my guide at Moddb.com

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war1ox - - 80 comments

Anyone know how to edit subtitles position? Mine are in middle of screen. I just need to change the Y position and need help finding the file. My game is heavy modded TTW version so I want to adjust instead of reinstalling darn.

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Axonis - - 945 comments

Edit the Data\Menus\Dialog\dialog_menu.xml file. Try adding <add> 100 </add> under line 187.

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Aeromag - - 3 comments

So I have a problem with the UI, and this is because of issues from Vortex. Apparently each time I deploy my mods, 10 files out of the 95 (96 if you count the readme) that was in the original .rar file gets fetus deletus'd. Then when I go in game, my HUD is gone, my pipboy gets scrambled texts that are closed in together, etc. I CAN put the mod back into the folder each time I deploy my mods, but it's just tedious as hell and gets annoying really quick. Is there a possible way of fixing this issue, either on your end or from Vortex?

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0nyxi0n - - 7 comments

Forgive me for replying to a four month old post for just a moment.

I'm not familiar with the way the mod is structured, but I know Vortex is finicky when it doesn't understand stuff (as many MMs are.)

Proper file structure for the staging folder should be:

Mods\ModName\Data\ - and then "NVSE," "textures," "meshes," as well as the .esp or .esm's themselves, dependent on what the mod is specifically.

I don't know whether Vortex will put anything outside of that fake "Data" folder, in other words, what would be the game's root directory. If there are "optional" files for you to manually select or alternative plugins, those wouldn't be installed properly or loaded in the game.

Another important thing is where your game and mod directories are. If your game is installed under Program Files or Program Files (x86), Windows may very likely "fetus deletus" anything it sees go through that it doesn't like. Steam's default directory is under x86 so I had to move my FNV to a new root folder on C: when I tried to install ENBseries the first time, or the game simply would not launch.

That specifically is a very common issue, idiosyncratic of Windows. I just happened to never have any issues until I tried ENB.

So if you're still having this issue, I hope I helped some. If not you, hopefully someone else.

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sergiobasa1 - - 1 comments

I beg you good people, help me! My main menu and dialogue texts are on top of each other. I've already edited my INIs. What should I do?

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Shadows43 - - 15 comments

Same issue here

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Guest - - 692,621 comments

Same issue here. Things were going as expected with Darnified UI. If I had manually edited my fonts, I might have been ok. However, I tried using UI Font Dummies. That's when my menus overlapped. I've uninstalled Darnified UI a and "Dummies" a couple of times, but Darnified UI never goes back to non overlapping menus.

Apparently the Font Dummies changed something that doesn't get uninstalled.

Too bad. I really wanted to use Darnified UI. I Apparently, I should have made the font changes myself.

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samurai-shampoo - - 1 comments

I want to rescale my HUD, can I do that? is there an MCM menu I can use that I'm just not seeing?

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Guest - - 692,621 comments

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