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This is a music addon for Fallout 3, which you can use to add to or replace the game's original music, for those people who think Inon Zur's songs... don't quite fit the game world. Piano? Strings? And one can only take so much of Threedog [OWWWWWWW] and his handful of swing tunes, as good as they are. This pack consists of several songs out of my music library, and my objective was to go for glitchy/hardcore DnB or breakcore for the battle music, and dark ambient or "illbient" for everything else. All .mp3 files were or are available for free on the internet, so RIAA please take note: there's nothin' to see here.

OverCoat's Fallout 3 Music Replacement Pack

thank you

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ummm this isnt really hard to do all u have to do is put mp3s in the directory it is easy to customize

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OverCoat Author

Did you have THESE songs though? I think not, my friend!

The secondary purpose of this addon is to give exposure to myself and my friends who made these songs! Well, Trent Reznor isn't really my friend, but he did release those songs for free, and they work! Also, like I say in the readme, you can add or remove whatever you wish ;)

As far as commercial music goes, I would recommend certain songs from "Druqks" by Aphex Twin, or various Venetian Snares tunes for the battle music, but I didn't want to distribute copyrighted music you see!

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Yeah, for Aphex Twin, Gwely Mernans is a must for the Dungeons folder. It fits so well.

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Aphex Twin and Venetian Snares are nice. However, for battle music I will go with just about any band from the D-Trash Record Label. Their label is nothing but digital hardcore music. Some of it boarding on the line of noise or flat out goes into rhythmic noise. Though from the label I prefer the works of Contra, Ambassador 21, and Schizoid.

For the ambient roaming music I would go with something more from The Ambient Collective selections of music or maybe even ApollyoN.

For dungeon music, dark and creepy music from any Illbient, Dark Ambient, IDM, or Downtempo artists should fit in well.

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I don't like Inon Zur's music...
I mean, the Crysis theme music was just an ascending scale, if I remember correctly. When I heard it and the other music in Crysis, I was just shocked that the amazing graphics and environment were so poorly complemented by such a simplistic score.
I haven't heard the Fallout 3 music yet, but I cross my fingers in hope that Inon Zur has not screwed up Fallout 3 by providing a distractingly poor soundtrack again.

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see, I don't understand what you said about the music not fitting, this game is heavy based on the 1950's so the music fits wonderfully, plus there is just something about maiming 20+ raiders while listening to Pete the butcher. but I guess to each his own.

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The music doesn't seem like the 50's. It's more like 40's or late 30's music. Its devoid of old Rock songs, which keeping with a retro 50's vibe would have been a more creative and better choice Ion Zur. Perhaps some of that music was produced in the 50's (probably early 50's) but its all a throw back to an earlier era of music. I'm sure when it was produced the kids didn't flock to buy it. It would be like putting out 80's music today. A much wider license of older 50's style rock and other types of music, plus 40's and 30's like Swing would be fine had it been more than half a dozen songs. Good work Ion Zur, you Rock (or not). I don't mind big band music in the game but why not give us more Radio station choices and music selection.

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OverCoat Author

You do realize Inon Zur is not the one who made the swing music, right? He is only responsible for the background music, the oddly far-east sounding orchestral music that you hear when the radio is off. That's the music I'm replacing here.

I would love to create a custom radio station, however, with different themes, or perhaps add more swing music! I should look into making a mod rather than an addon.

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Looking at the repetitive music in FO1-2 FO3 is not that bad, tho the music types in FO1-2 did set the pace for the music which I think Inon Zur did a fair job of doing however the main theme is mispalced the rest of it fits pretty well and some of it is close to what FO1-2 had so all in all not bad not great dock it a point for missing the point of FO music.

The radio station is nice but heavy under utilized.... enclave could have civil war style American tunes, 3dog needs a dozen more swing/jazz and 30/40s pop.

Finally to comment on your more out of place than the orchestrated main theme... but by itself its not bad....

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The music in fallout 3 is very very fitting, I find it sets a good atmosphere for the game, it makes you think that your in the game and your thinking about old times.

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This is a bloody fantastic music pack! Who is the artist behind "What would our love be like in..." ? Is it Troupe Gammage? I HAVE to get more music by whoever it is, it's just craaazy good!

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Cudos for assembling this music pack.

On the original soundtrack:

Inon Zur did a good job on the background music as the music does not interfere with the playing experience.

You might think that hardcore or death metal would fit a fight better but I hate when the music drowns the battle sounds or when a double-bassdrum overpowers my minigun in accustic terms.

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This is my recommendations for music replacement tracks. Most of them are underground or non-major labeled music. The Massive Attack tracks I recommend are found on youtube and can be downloaded via any youtube to mp3 website.

The Final Conflict by The Bassist & Droid Sector
Affliction by Droid Sector & Dubtek
The Little One by Adam John
Teflon Smile by Broke-N

Protostar by Sonoprint
Closer (Precurser) by Nine Inch Nails
Disembodied by Death Cube K
Intro by Selffish
Dark Part 7 by Sonoprint

Barbaric Style by Permanent Frost
I'll Be There by ZarA
Heavy Metal by Producer Snafu
Dart Part 2 by Gregg Plummer
Vega by TF-Drone
Dark Part 11 by TF-Drone
Incident Report from The Triangulum, NCG 598; I. Initiate Departure Sequence by usr_sbin

New God by Schizoid

Tranquility Lane:
Abends am Gasometer by Digitalverein
Stronger by Valzi

Black Out (Checkin Niggas Chins) by Producer Snafu
Cosmic Queen by Y2lhen
Grim Prospects (Thoracic Disrupter Mix) by Schizoid
Grim Prospects (Hansel Mix) by Schizoid
Audio Jihad II (Angry God v2 Demix) by The Shizit
Trash This Town by Winter Brief
U Don't Like Me [Datsik Remix] by Diplo

Final Battle:
Don't Taze Me Bro(Dtmb) (Trillbass VIP Remix) by King
Grim Prospects (Saikoro Mix) by Schizoid
Audio Jihad II by The Shizit
32-bit ***** by The Shizit
Grim Prospects (I ******* Hate Dancey **** Mix) by Schizoid
**** The Radio by Phallus Uber Alles
E-Chair by Edgy

Paradise Circus (Zeds Dead Remix) by Massive Attack
Planets by Sascha Muller
Teardrop (Cliff Child Mix) by Massive Attack
Dub Sentence by Babylon Disco
Bye Judy, Don't Make 'Em Sad by Blipvert

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