Fallencore is a open world rpg with quests,classes ,skills like fishing mining woodcutting farming and dungeons to raid aswell intresing story line and side quests

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im working on a guild system right now where you can join difrent guilds

each guilds have a difrent buff when u rank up in the guild by doing guild misions u can buy guild sets there sets do diffrent things depending on the guild but they share a common thing they level up with u untill the level cap for ur guild rank for example if you have rank 1 the equip levels up with u untill level 10 u need to rank up to rank 2 to continue level it up when it levels up they gain stats to the attribute u set it t




In this post ill be posting news and updates and post my game progress and what im working on and future roadmaps

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Dev page of fallencore

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