Try to defeat as many opponents as you can and unravel the secret story behind the game.

After choosing 5 adjacent tiles you only get one! Play wisely with the odds and defeat your enemies before they defeat you.

* Unique gameplay
* Epic “odd” battles
* No IAP's whatsoever
* A nice shop with kickass powerups (use gems you collect in the game as payment)
* Infinite mode (survive as many opponents as you can)
* Supports phone, tablets, and almost every smart thingie out there!

“It’s blisteringly cruel (...) Undeniably engaging and fun.” ~ John Walker (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“It’s a game that looks like a puzzle from one angle, an RPG from another — but it’s its own creature.“ ~ Owen Faraday (Pocket Tactics)
“Faif offers a unique twist on the match-3 — or 5 in this case — genre, and spices up its RPG mechanics with a hint of gambling“ ~ Lee Cooper (Hardcore Gamer)

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* Cross platform battles!
* Special bonus tiles! (Risk more to get'em!)
FAIF against your friends! FAIF against others! Just FAIF!


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