/!\ Evol Online is under active development, the game is young and is not yet rich in content, but an active team of volunteer is working on it daily, so be patient and pay us a visit on our forum and IRC channel! :) /!\

You can access the game from the download part of the website.

Evol Online
Escape into the world of Aemil! Join a guild and make new friends that will help you become stronger and a better adventurer! Explore new lands and visit the remote places of this magical world! You will arrive at the beautiful city of Artis, there you will be able to choose how to live your life in Aemil. Choose a life of adventure or a peaceful life among your friends. As you explore the world you will find rare items and treasures and master your skills with a weapon or with magic.

You were rescued by the crew of La Johanne in the middle of the sea, you can't remember anything of your past and you find youself on a mercant ship headed for the city of Artis. You quickly become a part of the crew. The ship will take a short stop at an island in the archipelagos of Andorra and then sail for the city of Artis!

When you begin your journey you will have little more than a kitchen knife and some dirty worn clothes with you, but as you live your adventure you will be able to decide what skills you'd like to master. Do you want to wield a sword? Cast magic spells against your enemies? Heal your allies? With time, you will have the possibility to learn all of these things and more!

Evol Offline
Evol Online is born from the imagination of two french students in 2005. Their aim was to create a homely MMORPG where the community and the game would evolve together.
Years later, we decided to revive this utopian idea by releasing a new version of Evol Online which now features a server, client and game development.
We didn't make everything alone, most of the groundwork has been forked from The Mana World and eAthena, two free and open-source projects which helped us grow faster (server, content guidelines, etc...).
We added some more thoughts to the basic idea, the most essentials are:

  • Multilingual support for the game client and the game itself.
  • A respect of the "Free and Open-Source" world, as did before us The Mana World and eAthena.
  • The "JOY" to develop a game and to meet passionate people like us.

The pleasure to develop a game among friends is what pushes us to not ask for any money in return. If you still wish to thank us, offer us a beer, or to the project which freely host us and thousands more FOSS projects, TuxFamily.
If you wish to use anything from Evol Online, you can! We just ask you to respect our license terms, nothing else.

Now? "Join us online!"

Put on your boots, grab a sword, a piou and come explore the great world of Aemil!

The Adventure Begins!
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It wasn't just a dream after-all. La Johanne will now sail to the city of Artis!
Not before your character has been rescued at sea, and not before helping at Lost Island, once those quests are done, just talk to Capt. Nard and follow his advice.

The story should lead you to Enora, who has been tasked with acquainting you with the city.
She must also stay at the dock and help protect the cargo being unloaded. Talk to her. Help her by doing some errands.
There are many new characters to meet. Notice the town's people enjoy walking! More objects will now interact.

Aurora1 introduces new ways to interact with the world of Aemil.
It is now possible to obtain pets, and we look forward to adding more ways of interacting with them.
With a shovel you may now dig in some areas, look for someone who might be willing to part with a fishing rod; try your luck at fishing, and enjoy casual dining at the Redplush INN, where Silvio ... should be! (Perhaps hiding under one of the tables.)
At long last you may encounter the Legion of Aemil, but they are not the Esperian chapter. What might they know?
Search for clues into the mysteries of the past while building a future. More options and skills await.

Contributors will now see their work make a difference, and new contributors are welcome to make a difference.
Aurora1 has been carefully planned for 3 years, after delays and distractions this has become a vital release.
Please tell us about whatever bugs you find; confusing or incorrect dialogues, and map glitches. There are bound to be some.

Thanks to everyone who made this release possible,
-- Akko Teru & Reid


Happy new year 2016!

Happy new year 2016!


Our new year's resolution is to give players new activities and areas to explore! Storage for item collections! And to utilize the server's new features...

Hallowe'en 2015!

Hallowe'en 2015!


Evol's Hallowe'en event will take place from the 27th October evening to mid-November.

Hallowe'en Event

Hallowe'en Event


We are working on a little event for Hallowe'en, we will announce today more information about the release date!

Be warned, it's still under beta!

Be warned, it's still under beta!


It seems that some peoples misunderstood our informations, to make them more clear, we've put a "more visible disclaimer" at the top of the game's description...

Guest - - 689,113 comments

Can you actually play the game now??

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reidyaro Creator
reidyaro - - 3 comments

You can play the introduction (aka demo) of the game for now, but for the "real" game you'll need to wait some time. We're actively working on the next release which should bring a much larger world. :)

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XilentStorm - - 19 comments

What about now... can we play now?

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reidyaro Creator
reidyaro - - 3 comments

You can play at the Hallowe'en event, it's an extension of the beta. More will come later this year!

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Nov 9 2022

New "Shemagh Scarf" that will be featured on the next release! Reidyaro.deviantart.com

Mar 24 2016

Check out Artis, the main city of the Aurora #1 release! T.co

Mar 5 2016

Artis now released! Evolonline.org

Mar 5 2016

Happy new year 2016 ! Evolonline.org T.co

Dec 31 2015

We released an extension to our Halloween event, Check it out online! Evolonline.org

Nov 2 2015

Evol's Hallowe'en event will take place from the 27th October evening to mid-November. T.co

Oct 26 2015

We are working on a little event for Hallowe'en, we will announce today more information about the release date! T.co

Oct 25 2015

This afternoon/evening we will re-release the beta of evol with a full new server software, stay turned for some events!

Mar 21 2015