Avenge a crumbling world in this varied platformer. Jump, fight, climb, and fly through worlds full of hazards and puzzles. Discover hidden treasures and develop new skills and devastating attacks to aid in your fight against the hordes of evil. Will you succeed and restore order to the world?

Fight fearsome abominations on your quest.

Hordes of enemies and fierce bosses, ready to stop you with all their might. It takes more than hacking and slashing to win. A true hero finds the weak spot in the enemy's armor as well as their attacks.

More than a dozen distinct boss fights

40+ enemy types

Use an arsenal of skills and spells to defeat your enemies.

Learn new skills, unleash ancient spells, and grow as a hero.

3 special attacks for your magical blade

4 magical techniques to conquer your enemies

5 character abilities to customize your hero

8 items and equippable relics for extra power

Diverse worlds full of challenges.

10 intricate levels packed with hazards, enemies, and hidden treasure

9 hidden bonus stages full of treasure

40+ unique music tracks

Solve tricky challenges to progress and gain treasure.

Each level has its own unique set of puzzles to challenge your senses and dexterity.

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Everblade is the first game released by Elion Games, a small indie studio created by three brothers in Sweden. It's been our passion project for the last two years, and we're finally about to release it.

Fighting Evil with the Power of the Everblade

In this metroidvania-style platformer, you play as a villager who's been granted a magical force to avenge their town and stop a twisted archmage from corrupting the world. This force takes the form of a magical blade, the Everblade, which can take on different elemental properties and attack enemies both close up and from a distance. It can even serve as a hookshot - with the right upgrades, that is. There's a bunch of different abilities and items to play with.

A Variety of Challenges

What sets Everblade apart from other metroidvania platformers is the plethora of Zelda-like puzzles that challenge the player along the path. Each segment of the game is unique, and so are the challenges you face, instead of endless repetitions of the same enemies and bottomless pits. There are even hidden minigames that can grant significant rewards, especially when you master them all.

Our goal with Everblade is to combine the best elements of some classic games we love with our own modern touch. So, the end result is an advanced action platformer with the nostalgic aesthetics of those early 90s legends. Chiptunes and pixel graphics have a special place in our hearts, and we hope to take you back to simpler days for a moment when you play Everblade.

Can You Wield the Everblade?

If we've piqued your interest, come on over to the Everblade Steam page and try the demo. There's lots to discover in this snippet of the game, and you'll get a taste of the boss fights and puzzles alike.

Thanks for reading. If there's anything you're wondering, we'll gladly answer your questions in the comments below.

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