Engauge is a 2-D action platformer set in a vibrant world of buzzing machinery.

Engauge is an action-adventure game inspired by the ambience and presentation of games like Bastion and Dark Souls, conveying story through tone.


Engauge is designed around tight controls and platforming.

The mechanics consist of running, jumping, wall-jumping, defending and using primary and secondary abilities. Primary and secondary abilities are determined by items known as cores.

Currently, there are seven cores planned for Engauge. Besides cores, Engauge also features:

  • Jumping/Ability Puzzles - Take a break from the roil and toil of combat to complete ability puzzles. Use your abilities and platforming skills to overcome obstacles and solve the puzzles.
  • Collectibles - Pick up an array of curious objects throughout your journey. Read their descriptions to discover the mysteries of the world around you.
  • AI Interaction - Engage enemies in meaningful combat as you adapt to their fighting styles and exploit their weaknesses.
  • Hidden Items - Discover hidden items nestled throughout the nooks and crannies of the world. Your exploration can lead you to ability-cores, special collectibles and a variety of vanity items.
  • Special Events/Enemies - Trigger special events by exploring the world. Hear quirky conversations, face tough foes and even uncover the Legend of the Iron Gauntlet.

Platform & Release Expectations

Forged in C++, Engauge is being developed for PC, Mac and Linux. In accordance to Programmer Ian’s wishes, Engauge will be released DRM free and will be designed to be modding friendly.

Sidenote: If possible, we would like to also release Engauge on the various consoles but without significant support from the respective communities this is unlikely. Don’t worry though, we are still planning for the port and expect Engauge to have an optimized control scheme/level layouts in case of release.

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Engauge Pre-Alpha Demo!


Here it is folks, the Engauge pre-alpha demo!

You can play the demo by clicking on this link or the picture:


For you non-tech types, here are a few simple instructions that will ensure that you enjoy the pre-alpha splendor of Engauge.

  • Click the link - the zipped demo should begin downloading
  • Unzip the link using winzip or the program of your choice (I use 7zip)
  • Open the new folder and select EngaugeDemo.exe
  • Enjoy the Engauge pre-alpha demo! (optional)

There are a few things I'd like to mention before you all play the demo. First off, the EngaugeDemo may crash when you load the second area. It shouldn't be a problem on any subsequent runs though.

Second, the demo doesn't feature any sounds or music! But you can listen some of Lawrence's other tracks and sounds at Soundcloud.com I'd suggest you check it out. I really dig 'Zombies Among Us' and 'I Love Brains!'

Finally, the demo prominently features outdated enemies. These enemies have yet to receive a visual rework and are still pixel-y despite everything else being vector art. In the near future, we will be updating the enemies to be more consistent with Ethan's distinctive style.

That about covers the demo announcement. If you enjoy the demo, please be sure to share, share, share! Be sure to also check out our Kickstarter. We're already 80% of the way there! Long live the Republic!

The Rocket Core!

The Rocket Core!


The Rocket Core has been revealed! Grabbing and smashing has never been so hilariously fun!

Gameplay Update Sneak Peek!

Gameplay Update Sneak Peek!

News 2 comments

Here’s a sneak-peek of one of Engauge's core mechanics!

Engauge Kickstarter is live!

Engauge Kickstarter is live!


Engauge is a 2-D action platformer set in a vibrant world of buzzing machinery. The player controls X1S, a hulking robot with a simple mission: finish...

Effects are Excellent

Effects are Excellent


Toastie Tips on how to Juice Responsibly. Basically, this post covers a how and where you can potentially add in nice effects.

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