Elementalist is a Turn Based RPG designed for touch devices. It features an innovative mechanic which enables a player to cast their chosen skill by drawing the symbol on their screen. The player determines the power of each spell he casts by drawing the symbol as accurate as possible. The more precise you draw the more powerful the spell becomes! If you manage to draw spells perfectly you unlock the ultimate potential of spells and add an extra effect to your attack. As the hero in this epic tale you are on a mission. No, not a mission from god. You're on a mission to save the world from certain destuction! Learn new skills, gather items and master all the elements! Can you become an Elementalist?

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Elementalist v1.03 is here!


This new update will have a number of bug fixes and tweaks. We got a lot of feedback over the past couple of weeks since the release of our debut game: Elementalist. We have tried to address as many issues as fast as we can with Elementalist so here is the list of current fixes and adjustments.

List of fixes and changes in Elementalist v1.03

-Player health and element are now displayed in menus
-Character elements in battle
-Elemental info now available in the options menu
-The arena no longer disappears and displays a message when unable to participate
-Counterfeit Machine effect is emphasized and displayed when receiving rewards.
-Deflect damage now scales according to the damage of the spells.
-Improved visibility and size of 'deflect' shields
-Death effect on AI improved, meaning they will fail more when they are under the 'death effect'
-Fixed issues with the quest 75
-Art of Knowledge has a stronger effect when leveled
-Hardness has a stronger effect when leveled
-Issues with the Curse spell
-Spell descriptions improved
-Rebalanced first 10 quests
-The camera now focuses on current quest

There is however more to be done. Things like spells, equipment, player stats, more area's and more spell slots will also be added in the future so stay tuned for more Elementalist news. And if you have suggestions or feedback, please feel free to drop us a line at: info@tengugames.com.

Elementalist got released today!

Elementalist got released today!


Elementalist just got released on both Android and IOS, grab your copy while it's still hot!

Creating character art for Elementalist

Creating character art for Elementalist

Concept Art Tutorial 3 comments

Creating character art is always challenging, no matter what kind of game you are creating. This is a breakdown of a character concept from start to finish...

SinKing - - 3,119 comments

This is excellent artwork! Great job all around!

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