You are one of the first, who felt it. A strange vibration, from very far away. In this moment,
a world you have known for ages, starts felling apart.
Your fate is to stop that.

A part of your soul was bound by mage Generator.
He wants to take control over every being on the world. Your destiny is to stop that.

Each soul has three independent layers. Bounding every part of it gives you control over any being. One layer of your soul was bound by evil Generator.
Chase the mage and force him to lift the spell.
Travel through mysterious portals to dangerous locations, face monsters, collect souls for the tower, reach the other dimension of reality and stop him from completing his evil plan.

  • Lots to explore - dungeons, caves, labyrinths and much more
  • Procedurally generated world - almost infinite number of possible locations
  • Dynamic fighting system - slash, dodge, throw a chair and cast a fireball
  • Over 100 types of monsters - rats, dragons or even genetically modified centaurs
  • Choose your weapon - swords, bows, magic runes and much more
  • Tons of magical loot to find and collect
  • Unique hero progression for each playstyle - skills develop while using them
  • Everything in single or multiplayer

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We know that you are waiting long time for new updates of Dunrog.

Effort made on development is focused to make these updates more interesting. Incoming update contains new worlds, monsters and items. A lot of these have new animations and sound effects.

We redesigned UI a bit, to be more intuitive. You will experience a lot of gameplay changes too.

First, we want to thank everyone, who believes in success of this project and those who support us.
Huge thanks to beta-testers that are giving feedback and inform us about bugs in the game.
Also thanks to translators for their help with improvement in language accessibility of our project.

In this update we focused on reported design flaws, bugs and general content of the game.
We also added worked on improving performance of the game for older machines.


  • Redesigned fight system, new animations available
  • Change in gameplay balance (monsters and items)
  • AI behavior correction
  • New HP bars with new enemy types symbols
  • Additional legend on minimap that tells us how many treasures and monster are awaiting
  • Better visibility of damage taken

We hope that new place which is Mage Tower is going to help you to prepare for adventure.
Mage Tower is main element of story and gameplay “lobby” to let you sort items and to let you pick the way into different worlds. Also this is the place of return after death.
In future parts of development this place will contain some secret features that help you expand skills ;)


  • Changed order and set new order of worlds in story mode
  • New sewers generation system
  • Added new biome – The Jungle
  • Added Mage Tower
  • Better pause menu
  • Shrines that give player buff/debuff effects after use
  • New portals models

Shooting using bow and crossbow should be more intuitive.
To enhance feeling of being frozen, in flames or speed up, we’ve added some screen effect that informs you are frost and furious! :D


  • Arrows and bolts are bit faster and have added trail
  • Arrows and bolts look is dependent on type of quiver that player has equipped
  • New durability symbols next to HP bar
  • Better visibility of uncommon, rare and legendary items
  • Correction of particle effects for potions and runes (still WIP)
  • New crosshair and targeting system
  • Fixed some visual bugs of holding wrong weapon when different is equipped
  • Fixed potions that should revoke effects and do nothing

Our game is going to be more accessible thanks to higher number of languages available!
We have fixed saving system, now you won’t lost your progress.


  • Added/corrected German, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • New save system
  • Better visibility of quests
  • Added new equipment windows functionalities to help you put items in correct slots
  • Added FOV, Brightness and more options in settings menu
  • Fixed bugs with mouse cursor appearing in wrong moments
  • Fixed thumbnails of items rendering
  • Fixed runes glyphs rendering (still WIP)
  • Fixed furniture sound effects

We are still working on bug fixing and adding new features in gameplay. Multiplayer is in progress, unfortunately we cannot give it for beta-testing because is in unplayable state :<.
Story, prepared and ready for implementation.

Your activity on discord server and support fulfills us with determination and motivation!
We want to invite all of you to join our community on discord server, where you can become a tester, translator or just talk with us about game, voxels and stuff.

Our Discord

You can also check out our other social media links:

And Our Steam Page

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