A 2d top-down roguelike about an ancient genie, a goblin and their countless attempts to kill one another while trying to make friends. Run, slash, use weird magic and shoot your way through an unpredictable dungeon packed with hilarious and sinister enemies.

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After more than a year of development, Burning Knight is now finally available for wishlisthing!

Please wishlist! <3

Read more about development here.

The state of the game, C# port, and other exciting news

The state of the game, C# port, and other exciting news


Burning Knight gets a C# port, as well as mod support, twitch integration, local coop, and possible online coop!

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RT @egordorichev: 🎉 I can't believe, that this is happening, but Burning Knight is now out on @Steam & @itchio! 🎉 I've been working… T.co

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RT @egordorichev: I'm finally releasing Burning Knight, the #indiegame I've been working on for the past year on Steam, on June 5th,… T.co

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RT @egordorichev: The Burning Knight is finally finally finally done! 2+ years of work later, 2 engines and over 5.3k commits later… T.co

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RT @egordorichev: I love working with lighting so much T.co

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RT @egordorichev: Burning Knight demo is now live on @itchio! 🎮 Egordorichev.itch.io #ScreenshotSaturday #indiegame T.co

Mar 28 2020 by rexcellentgames