Dragons High is a Dragon flight combat simulation. You play as the rider of a dragon. The combat is set in several random challenges.

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Return of Dragons High!


I have returned to work on Dragons High and I have a new website for the game:


The game will be a Dragon simulation game where you live as a dragon and fight all sort of beasts to gain experience and levels.

In the past I wanted to make it kind of like Dragon Strike where you have a rider and you have air battle wil dragon lances but I decided to make the player control the dragon instead of the rider.

My friend has drawn this image for the website, you can give feedback on the image in the comments(my friend likes feedback on his work).

Dragons High!

Some recent video on the gesture based controls for Dragons High:

As you can see the controls will be gesture based on touch devices, with panning for rotating heading and pitch, while rotate Gesture for bank rotation.

Also... there is a forum, I hope you would like to write feedback in the forum or just come and say hello. :)


So many sheep...(Progress update)

So many sheep...(Progress update)

News 2 comments

Optimizing Sheep(from PC to iOS) and status progress update.

Grave of Creativity. A tip for the budget indie lone programmer.

Grave of Creativity. A tip for the budget indie lone programmer.

News 4 comments

This is an exmaple of how a programmer of a 3D game can get along without an artist or a skill in 3D.

The Noble and The Vile... Dragons High!

The Noble and The Vile... Dragons High!


Announcing Dragons High. A mobile\desktop Dragon combat flight simulator.

loozzer - - 124 comments

Wheres my dragonlance...

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dron1885 - - 518 comments

Remind me of old Westwood game, cant remember it's name...

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PompiPompi Creator
PompiPompi - - 116 comments

Dragon Strike :P

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