Dormant Sky is a PC role-playing game created in the mold of classic jrpgs from the 90's such as Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Star Ocean. It primarily aims to deliver on story, vivid graphics in sprite-form, and an engaging and fast paced battle system. Follow the tale of Seeo, a young swordsman cursed with an ancient power who finds himself locked in a struggle that could bring about the destruction of the world as he knows it. Dormant Sky is a character-driven story of two young men who have spent their lives as outcasts. Cursed with the gift of magic, Seeo and Snowe are feared by those they protect as knights of the mighty kingdom of Sirdeka. Fate would have it, that they would both be instrumental to the planet's preservation against it's greatest enemy.

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What a wonderful website this is. It's such a pity I knew not of it until now.
My name is Sion and I'm the lead developer of the indie RPG "Dormant Sky". For almost two months Edge Entertainment has pushed Dormant Sky on "Kickstarter" in hopes of raising money to improve the game's many assets and move the game to a more capable engine.

We are in the final 5 days of the fundraiser and have managed to raise 4,000 of the 5,000 dollar goal.
I lament that I have been unable to promote the game on websites such as this because I'm sure the true fans for classic role playing games call domains like this one home. Either way, we hope to finish as strong as we can but we need your help.

Below are two links we hope will persuade you to back this project.

Dormant Sky Extended Trailer:

Jace Hall Interview

We are so very close to our goal! If you or anyone you know has even a passive interest in the roleplaying games from the golden-age of rpgs. Please spread the word about the game's Kickstarter.

Thank You!
~ Sion

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