The experience you have been holding your breath for! The game your friends have come from fathoms around to play!

Plunge into fun to find treasure, gifts, sea creatures, and other mysteries of the Briny Blue as Divey Jones! Get wet as the reluctant hero and navigate the puzzles of the deep!

Divey Jones is out to discover sunken booty! Descend into the abyss and collect air bubbles to help keep Divey alive during his mission - but know ye this, mateys: low air will make you dive faster and too much air will make you float! Will that extra bubble sustain Divey...or will it prevent him from reaching his goal and the pirate chest filled with untold fortune?!

Along the way, Divey will undoubtedly encounter many a sea beastie! But avast! Not all of the salty critters are friendly! Avoid them or use their special skills to help Divey! And look about the watery leagues for flotsam and jetsam -- put this submerged wreckage to good use, too!

Solve the challenge of each reef to unlock "Deep Dives". Set a new record to impress your friends!

  • Engage in over 30 levels of challenging gameplay!
  • Fill your aquarium tanks with hidden sea creatures!
  • Collect stars for gift shop curios!
  • Round up all collectibles to reach 100% completion!
  • Easy to play -- BUILT for TILT!
  • Colorful sea-themed fun!
  • Insanely addictive!

How low can you go?

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Dive in to "Divey Jones"!


Zygobot developers Roy Papp and John Amos offer gamers a new mobile/casual experience set in the sea! Just released this week, "Divey Jones" takes players on an underwater adventure in search of treasure.

Shipped with over 30 levels, Divey's ocean odyssey leads you through the briny deep, around mines and other obstacles in the effort to collect stars, fish, and more!

Part side-scroller, part-platformer, part-puzzler, the game begins simply with tutorial levels and then leads you into deeper and more challenging reefs.

Players control Divey, who is exploring through murky waters. During each expedition, the player will need to navigate around stingrays, jellyfish, and a host of other creatures. Of course, to stay alive, Divey will need to grab air here and there...but the same bubbles that sustain Divey's life also slow him down and can make him buoyant. Players will need to decide whether to grab that extra bit of air, which could potentially help get DIvey to a goal...or pass it by since it might slow Divey down! Grab anchors to help speed up Divey's drop or buoys to help him float.

Along the way, collect fish and stars, which will fill the player's aquarium and gift shop with fun items. Visit each and read interesting facts or silly sayings about your discoveries!

Divey Jones Divey Jones Divey Jones
Divey Jones Divey Jones Divey Jones

20,000 leagues of fun for only 99c! Water you waiting for...?

Watch the promo video for more details!

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