Approximately 20 years after the events depicted in Deus Ex, The World is only beginning to recover from a Catastrophic worldwide depression. In the Chaotic period of recovery, several religious and political factions see an opportunity to re-shape a worldwide governament to their agendas, understanding that the right moves now could determine the shape of human society for decades- even centruries- to come. In this techno-nightmare, take part in the dark struggle to raise the world from its own ashes.

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It was a HUUUUUUUGE disappointment for a Deus Ex sequel. I remember just beating Deus Ex, being amazed by the game, then I was looking around the Steam store, and saw Invisible War. My first thought was "Holy s***, I am buying this." So I did, installed it, and I was shocked at how BAD it was. Maybe it's because I had such high expectations for it because of "Deus Ex" in the title, and it would be hard to live up to it, but... it's just.... ugh, I don't even want to think about it. Everything is different, and not for the better. Maybe I'm just being too hard on it. It's honestly a okay game (I only rated it below average for being so disappointed), and it is worth the $10 investment, but it's just no Deus Ex.


Blue199 says

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This game asks you if you're sure every time you want to leave an area...

I can play original DX all day every day, but in case of IW I can't bring myself to play it for even 7h (total time to beat it, wtf?), because of the awful graphics and gameplay.



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The story is really amazing but the graphic compartment is obsolete, the gameplay not so good and the role play section is disappeared! Can't stand alex face, alexandra's is so better! Mapping is claustrophobic and too simple and some design elements like the computer consoles are horrible! This game could have been better...

It's worth playing, but it's extremely glitchy and incredibly flawed. Probably the most disappointing game of all time right next to Fallout 4.


Stalf says

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A good game, but it is definitely a bad Deus Ex (nevertheless it is a good game :) )


Avoozl says

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its good but not perfect like deus ex 1 and human revolution

It had it's flaws, sure, but seeing the scathing reviews it attained, I thought people were just overreacting.

But looking back at the first game, I realized it would have been way too hard trying to make it better then the last Deus Ex. The first game had such a following and was incredible to boot, it must have been a daunting task making the game on the heels of another that some fans have labeled perfect.

You can't build upon perfect easily, and sometimes you slip up, more often then others at times.

It's not bad, really, but it has flaws that many people have already pointed out. But it could have been done better.

Its a good game...if you can look past the errors and the bad stuff in the game.


maxdamage says

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