Destiny 2 - this is a fantastic action movie, in which you have to go on a grand tour of the solar system. In an exciting story campaign, you will enter a world populated with many interesting characters, and join the fight for our common home. You can fight with your friends in different modes of joint play or challenge other players in intense network battles. In the PC version, Destiny 2 will give players a changeable resolution of up to 4K, an unlimited frame rate, a customizable wide field of view, support for ultra-wide / special monitors and much more.

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Lightfall, the newest expansion for Destiny 2 (and approaching the end of Destiny 2's current story cycle, at least as far as Bungie notes), has just been released. Another big addition to Bungie's MMO offering, it's a good time to be cognizant of what came before and take a look at what the community has done with Bungie's older catalogue!

Apotheosis X

By hypersleep

Apotheosis X screenshot 9

Apotheosis X pushes the boundaries of what's possible aesthetically with the marathon engine whilst retaining its low resolution 90's charm. The campaign features engaging combat that scales with player skill and aggression, with a roster of new enemies and weaponry that compliments the original games' nuance and high skill ceiling.

Marathon Dissent

By Thomas Reed

Image 2

Dissent is roughly 20 levels of pure Marathon fun. Realistic architecture within the boundaries of Marathon's engine limits, a gripping story, and very well-designed gameplay add up to a scenario that'll keep you busy for quite a while. Be sure that you don't neglect the terminals and instead take a while to read what they have to offer...or get used to dying as the hostile world gets the jump on you again and again.

Aleph One: Pathways Into Darkness

By W'rkncacnter

Image 4

This is a full port of the 1993 mac game "Pathways Into Darkness" by Bungie to the Aleph One engine. Therefore, Pathways into Darkness is now available on Windows, Linux, and Mac. This scenario features levels that can be revisited multiple times, an advanced inventory system for carrying items, RPG elements, and ending scores to reward mastery and replaying the mod's offering.

Might & Magic - Myth

By Lone_Wolf_MAIK


Return to Antagarich in search of an adventure in a Might & Magic universe you've never seen before. A completely new look at all the beloved "Heroes" and RPG "Might and Magic" in the genre of "real time strategy". The player will have 4 difficult levels of a single player campaign, in which the player will be able to play as: Knights of Erathia, Monsters of Nigon, Sorcereres of Bracada and Necromancers of Deia.

Saving Sergeant Johnson

By witcherrr

20220326002553 1

Saving Sergeant Johnson is a fully custom Halo 3 mission in which you have to Save Sergeant Johnson. He is held in an old warehouse, now converted into a Brute Outpost. Without many reserve supplies, time's of the essence to rescue the sergeant - or he'll end up being brute chow! Get to the outpost, save the Sergeant, and make those apes wish they were vegetarian.

Rising Sun

Destiny 2 is the looter shooter MMO that needs no introduction - the mainstay of Bungie's catalogue since they moved on from Halo and went independent (then got hooked into being owned by another company again, then went independent again, bought again), it's something players have poured thousands of hours into over the last six years, and as the franchise enters year nine of existence (and approaches ten years of Destiny next year), another expansion has dropped - pushing the story of the Light and Darkness saga towards its final conclusion.

Destiny 2: Lightfall

Lightfall tries to challenge a neon, 80s-like aesthetic
in a cyberpunk environment unlike any other in the game so far

Ignite The Light

Giving Guardians another taste of the power of Darkness with Strand seems like a winning combo, but as it stands, Lightfall isn't quite having the reception Bungie probably wanted. Sitting at Mostly Negative on Steam, players are currently criticising the vague plot (which is something of a standard for the mainline stories of expansions for Destiny), but also lack of proper power balancing, poor boss mechanics, and a bit of content drought that is especially painful when compared to the excellent Witch Queen expansion. Bungie has a tendency to take criticism like this on the chin and keep plugging away, but it may be worth keeping an eye on how the season develops before diving in to this one.

Destiny 2: Lightfall Announced; 5 Kickass Bungie Game Mods

Destiny 2: Lightfall Announced; 5 Kickass Bungie Game Mods


The newest and biggest Destiny 2 expansion has just been announced, so let's take a look back at the rest of Bungie's catalogue for some great UGC!

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