Deck RX is a deckbuilding racing game. Race and card-battle your way for immortality as you unlock new cards, cars, pilots, and hand-crafted race tracks on different planets. Design your racing strategy, build up your deck, combo your cards, and survive to the finish line!

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Caption pop up changes


Hello once again!

Today we are here to show you one of the many changes we are making in Deck RX thanks to your feedback!

A lot of people have said that they were kind of annoyed by the dialogue frames that appeared after certain actions within a race such as duels.


We decided to introduce these new ones into the game, which are not only smaller but as you can see in this image below they let you know more precisely which vehicles are involved in the action and where they are at that moment.

Also, as you may see, they adapt to the camera position and movement.

Captura de pantalla 2022 12 14 1

We have taken into account the priority of the information that interests the player, being this ACTION > VEHICLES INVOLVED > CAPTION.

This along with other changes will be coming to versions like the demo or the Open Dev Access that our Kickstarter backers have soon.

Tell us what you think about this change!

Dont forget to wishlist Deck RX if you have not done it yet!

See you soon!


Deck RX - Character redesign

Deck RX - Character redesign


This is the new version of Bordeaux. We have made a complete redesign of the character to fit the look that we want for Deck RX.

We've changed...

We've changed...


...Some graphical assets! We introduce you the new look of Deck RX!

Deck RX development after Kickstarter

Deck RX development after Kickstarter


How's going the development of Deck RX after its Kickstarter campaign.

Deck RX Post-Mortem

Deck RX Post-Mortem


We wrote a post-mortem for the Deck RX Kickstarter campaign and you are able to read it!

SniperCharlie - - 324 comments

What an original idea.Tracking^^

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