You are the Death Rattle - humanity's last hope against the forces of hell! Instead of the sinners being damned to hell, hell came to them! Upon the conclusion of the reaping the creator wept for those left behind, and so you were given powers and gifts supreme. Abilities to defeat the looming evil and save those that remain! You become the last hope of redemption!

Use a wide range of attacks and weaponry to defeat your evil foes with. The crossbow has four types of ammunition, there are four divine spells and four types of grenades to destroy the hellion with! Each ammunition and weapon type does varying damage to enemies.

Crafting and inventory management are two big components of the experience in Death Rattle - Hell Unleashed. As you destroy enemies and environmental objects around the world loot and items will drop. You can pick these dropped items up to either take into battle with you or craft something useful with.

Alternatively you can search the beautiful world for crafting components to craft ammunition, grenades, potions and much more!

Hell offers a wide range of demons and devils to battle! Use your divine gifts and weaponry to destroy these foes and turn the tide on the forces of the hellion!

Each enemy you vanquish provides you with a certain amount of experience as well as a spirit that is left behind. Gain enough experience to level up and improve an ability that you choose. Upgrade your abilities to become the ultimate warrior and hunter of evil!

Select from four divine spells that each does varying amounts of damage and has other effects such as life-steal and area of effect. Each spell costs a certain amount of mana to cast, allowing you to choose a variety of play styles you can build your character towards.

Upgrading spells cost varying amounts of spirits, these are gained from killing enemies and then collecting them from the dead enemy's body.

Almost anything in the world is destructible, not only by you, but also your enemies.

Cast a spell, shoot an arrow or throw a grenade and watch the world crumble in great detail!

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Welcome to the reveal trailer for Death Rattle - Hell Unleashed!

You play as a deadly warrior given a second chance to save himself and his sinful people, now hell-bent on destroying the forces of evil for the retribution of his very soul!

Death Rattle - Hell Unleashed is a first person shooter set in a medieval world ravaged by the ungodly forces of the hellion. You are the Death Rattle - humanity's last hope against the forces of hell. Use your special gifts and divine powers to challenge the marches of hell and turn the tide against these devils and demons.

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